Kellyanne Conway Scolds Biden “You lied!” For His Attributing Fake Quote To Her

Who Is The President Of The United States? Because Joe Biden Certainly Isn't
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Joe Biden lost his cool at tonight’s Presidential Debate. Under relentless pressure by President Trump, Joe Biden attributing a quote to Kellyanne Conway, which she immediately responded on Twitter “You Lied!”

At one point in the debate, Joe Biden claimed that someone in the Trump administration said the riots ‘were good for us.

When President Trump demanded that Sleepy Joe tell America who he was quoting. You could almost see Joe Biden’s hair plugs start to ignite, as he searched his jello-mold brain for an answer.

After a few awkward seconds, Biden finally sputtered “Kellyanne Conway.”

Kellyanne Conway Calls Out ‘Lying Joe’ Biden.

“Thanks for debate shout-out, creepy/sleepy/weepy JOE, but you lied. And don’t sniff my hair, either.”

Conway also included a video in her tweet showing what Biden originally told MSNBC, and what she in fact stated.

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