During the 2020 Presidential campaign, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris routinely savaged President Trump for keeping “kids in cages.”

But now they’re doing the same thing…All’s Good.

As TuskerdDaily has been reporting. Since being sworn in as President, Joe Biden has been quickly undoing the Trump policies that had the underlying immigration problems that Obama left him, under control.

Now as president, Joe Biden is following Obama’s immigration plan step-by-step and it’s only taken only 30-days to undo all that Trump had accomplished over the past 4-years.

  • On his first day in office signed an Executive Order that called for a 100-day moratorium on deportations.

A Texas judge indefinitely blocked Biden’s deportation ban, which hysterically had some liberals complaining about activist Trump-appointed judges.

These and other moves over his first month in office have caused such a surge of migrants at America’s Southern Border that as TuskerDaily reported: Border Patrol Agents Are Overwhelmed Amid Migrant Surge.

Of course, the migrant surge that he has caused only leaves President Joe Biden two options:

  1. Just let ’em in, or…
  2. Hold ’em in a temporary facility while you process them. 

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris “Kids In Cages” Hypocrisy

For the past four years, the Democrats’ have taken every opportunity to call Donald Trump ‘Hitler’ because he had the audacity to use the same cages that the Obama/Biden administration had left him.

But liberal loony-toons didn’t stop their slander with Trump.

They accused Border Patrol agents of being brownshirts running Nazi concentration camps.

Within a month of the Biden administration implementing Obama’s immigration policies.

The Biden administration has been forced to house migrant teens in the very same facilities that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris had decried.

The White House claimed that they had to reopen the children migrant facility in Carrizo Springs, Texas, in order to hold the 700 teens that they claim arrived unaccompanied.

Of course, they left the part out about this being Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ fault.

Biden-Harris are also reopening an overflow facility in Homestead, Fla., which ironically in 2019 Kamala Harris protested, calling the existence of that migrant camp a “crime against humanity.”

So for all that and more, Joe Biden, and Kamala Harris deserves every ounce of ridicule they have been receiving since this story broke last week.

Watch Kamala Harris Protest San Diego Migrant Facility



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