Kimberly Guilfoyle Speech Steals Show at RNC, Democrats Label It North Korean Propaganda

Former Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle gave a rousing speech to the 2020 RNC that without question was a bonafide hit.

But Guilfoyle’s high-decibel speech in support of President Donald Trump and ‘American exceptionalism’ was deemed by delusional Democrats as something you’d hear in Nazi Germany or North Korea.

Guilfoyle, the former host of Fox’s ‘The Five’ and confidante of Donald Trump Jr, took the stage on the first night of the Republican National Convention on Monday, where she addressed a virtual audience due to coronavirus concerns.

Viewers listened as Kimberly Guilfoyle boomed Monday’s RNC closing speech with a promise for a second term for Our President Donald J. Trump, and America’s Vice-President Mike Pence:

“Don’t let the Democrats take you for granted. Don’t let them step on you.

Ladies and gentlemen, leaders and fighters for freedom and liberty and the American dream, the best is yet to come!”

Liberals Declare Kimberly Guilfoyle A Nazi!

Democrats,’ especially Hollywood’s La La land Liberals likened Kimberly Guifoyel’s speech to one that would have been fitting if it was being given in the presence of Hitler, or Kim Jong Un.

One Critic Wasn’t Disappointed In Kimberly Guilfoyle’s Speech

Despite the Democrats Twittering Twits, there was one special person who was extremely impressed by her passion:

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