La La Land Panicking About ‘LAT’ (Life After Trump) Tweet Last-Minute Trump-Hated

LAT Life After Trump
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Unhinged leftist Michael Moore led a parade of La La Land Liberals who are clearly worried about “LAT” (Life After Trump) withdrawal as they scurried around Twitter like Trump-hating cockroaches after the lights get turned on.

Moore’s follow-up tweet bellowed’ President Donald Trump should be tried, convicted, and imprisoned.’

Perhaps Moore was just giving a preview of what the Democrats had planned to distract America from the forthcoming failures of the Biden Administration?

“He has just left the White House for good. We the people have evicted him. I will go ahead & cancel the U-Haul. He now flies over the wreckage he has created, knowing we are not done with him.

Trial. Conviction. Imprisonment. He must pay for his actions – a first-ever for him.”

Without Trump What Will LAT La La Land Liberals Tweet About? 

Like all Hollywood hypocrites, Moore’s vindictive tweet is in stark contraction to La La Land Liberals retweeting then-President-Elect Joe Biden’s message of bringing our nation together.

Many of the Hollywood elitists marked President Trump’s last day in office by shrieking about getting retribution against Trump and his more than 74 million MAGA supporters:

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