NFL Baltimore Ravens Lamar Jackson Denies Pooping During MNF

NFL Baltimore Ravens Lamar Jackson Denies Pooping During MNF
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The Baltimore Ravens (8-6) beat the Cleveland Browns (9-4) 47-42 on Monday night Football (MNF). And in other NFL news, despite much Twitter speculation, Lamar Jackson says he didn’t have to poop.

During the fourth quarter, Jackson, 23, jogged to the locker room for what was described by the ESPN broadcast as “cramps” 🙄 .

But Jackson’s sudden departure, captured by the broadcast, led NFL fans on social media to speculate that he needed to go for two.

Jackson returned a series later to throw a touchdown on fourth down to Marquise Brown that gave the Ravens a 42-35 lead over the Browns with 1:51 to go in the game before eventually leading Baltimore on a game-winning drive in the final minute.

Instead, Jackson said after the game, he had run to the locker room to get treatment for cramps because of the cold and required intravenous fluids.

But before Jackson saying “I didn’t pull a Paul Pierce,” in reference to the former Boston Celtics star, who was carried off the court in a wheelchair for an apparent bathroom break during the 2008 playoffs.

Fans on Twitter had the Lamar Jackson runs.

Hilariously, even his teammate, backup QB Robert Griffin III threw some more poop on the fire.

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