Mob Attacks Laura Ingraham For Saying The Democrats Have Become The ‘Party of Chaos, Lawlessness, and Disorder’

Mob Attacks Laura Ingraham For Saying The Democrats Have Become The 'Party of Chaos, Lawlessness, and Disorder'
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Last night the ADD Liberal Democrats were distracted away from their attacks on Tucker Carlson when they took to Twitter to declare war on the most recent shiny object that crossed their delusional path, namely Fox News Laura Ingraham.

It’s simply amazing that after almost four years of the Democrat delusions such as:

  • Claiming President Trump is “Guilty of Treason,” which is a crime punishable by death.
  • Democrat politicians swearing that they’ve “seen the evidence” that proves Trump is an Agent of Russia.
  • Spending upwards of $40 billion on a Trump/Russia investigation, that couldn’t even indict one person in the Trump administration, nor anyone related to, or that had worked for Donald Trump.
  • The House Democrats launching a fraudulent Impeachment hoax, that they swore would only do if it had bi-partisan support. Which of course, not one Republican voted ‘yes’ on their Articles of Impeachment.
  • Democrats Claiming Trump had an incestual relationship with his daughter Ivanka.
  • MSNBC Joy Reid leading the charge that Donald Trump will have to be forcibly removed from the White House by the military because he will not leave when he loses the 2020 election.
  • Lord knows, how many liberal pundits that CNN, MSNBC allowed on in order to claims that Trump is on the verge of implementing a military takeover of the United States government.
  • Just last week Nancy Pelosi asserting that President Trump and the Republicans are “trying to get away with murder, actually — the murder of George Floyd”
  • And their liberal leftist latest delusion that Russia placed bounties on American soldiers, and under orders from Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump stood by doing nothing as American Soldiers were slaughtered in Afghanistan.

But these same Liberal Democrats who have been spewing their Trump Derangement Syndrome for almost four-years are now outraged that Fox News host Laura Ingraham urged her viewers to “suit up for battle” against the Democrats tyranny that would surely sweep across America if Democratic nominee ‘Dementia Joe’ were to become President.

They were especially triggered by Ingraham rightfully calling the liberal-biased media’s “peaceful protests” as “riots.”

But worse than that The Democrats are whining that Ingraham (correctly) characterized the Democrats as the party of “chaos, lawlessness, and disorder.”

One only has to see what has taken place over the past month in order to prove Laura Ingraham is 100% correct in that assessment.

Liberal websites are now screeching that Ingraham painted Democrats as enemies to the United States and called for violence when she stated:

“The past month demonstrates beyond a shadow of a doubt that Democrats have become the party of chaos, lawlessness, and disorder…They hate our history, our traditions, and our way of life. They especially hate our Constitution, which they see as this thing that was written by a bunch of corrupt White slaveholders.”

“If you love your country, if you love Western civilization, if you want to save the rule of law, you must stand now. You must be willing to suit up for this battle. In school board meetings, in town council meetings, maybe even in parent-teacher conferences, and of course, state and federal elections. It’s time to do or die.”

Democrats And Their Mainstream Media’s Cohorts Hypocrisy About Laura Ingraham Knows No Bounds

It’s beyond comical that hypocrite Democrats saw nothing wrong with their politicians calling President Trump treasonous. But OMG Fox News Laura Ingraham called us the ‘enemy of the United States.’

Dusting off the Trump Fake News’ Democrat talking points.

These liberal-biased media sites claimed that the Conservative demonization of Democrats by Fox News and Laura Ingraham has led and will lead to even more violence against poor innocent America loving Liberal Progressive Democrats.

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