Lawsuit Alleges Facebook Failed To Prevent BLM, Antifa Kenosha Violence BY NOT BLOCKING WHITE SUPREMACISTS GROUPS?

Lawsuit Alleges Facebook Failed To Prevent BLM, Antifa Kenosha Violence BY NOT BLOCKING WHITE SUPREMACISTS GROUPS?
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Despite the fact that days of Black Lives Matter (BLM), and Antifa militants looting, and rioting had taken place in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Combined with Democrat leaders ordering the city’s Police to stand down was the impetus that spurred on law-abiding citizens to protect the businesses from the leftist mob’s violence.
A lawsuit has been filed against Facebook with the Wisconsin federal court accusing the social media giant of enabling the Kenosha shooting by allowing “white supremacists” to “thrive” on its platform.

The lawsuit filed by four activists, including Hannah Gittings, a partner of Anthony Huber killed in the Kenosha shooting, alleges that Facebook failed to promptly remove the so-called militias “Kenosha Guard” and “Boogaloo Bois” from the social network.

The suit goes on to accuse the tech giant of allowing the groups to “recruit” new members through violent racist rhetoric and “publicly displayed” a desire to kill Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters.

Of course, the lawsuit conveniently omits the facts that it was the BLM, Antifa rioting that was the driving force for these right-wing groups supposed ‘call to arms’.

It also whitewashes the August 25 incident which sparked the rioting by claiming the events were started by the earlier police shooting of an African American, Jacob Blake, which left him paralyzed.

Laughably, the suit missed the fact that…

  • Jacob Blake was an alleged rapist, who had an open warrant for his arrest for his sexual assault.
  • The police were summoned by the victim after Jacob Blake defied a court order and returned to his sexual assault victim’s home WITH HIS THREE CHILDREN.
  • Blake refused to obey Police commands, and who the cops were unable to stop Blakes’ aggressiveness, despite tasering him, not once, but twice.
  • Blake was reaching for a knife that he had hidden in the floorboard of his car when a Kenosha Police officer shot him 7-times in the back.

TuskerDaily Has Little Interest In Defending Facebook

Making this lawsuit against Facebook even more imbecilic is the fact that the plaintiffs demand that:

“an injunction preventing Facebook from violating its own policies that are supposed to prevent violent rhetoric, militia groups, and other racially motivated hate groups from congregating and interacting on its site.”

Unlike how Facebook routinely shadowbans our TuskerDaily account by immediately dropping many of our posts down the lists of posts, thus preventing members from seeing it, even when we are posting in private groups.

Facebook looks the other way allowing Antisemitic, and Hate-America groups ‘calls for violence’ against Conservatives, Trump-supporters, MAGA rally’s, and anyone they deem not ‘Woke’ enough.

Apart from Facebook, the lawsuit also names Kyle Rittenhouse as well as the self-described “commander” of the Kenosha Guard, Kevin Mathewson, and a member of the Boogaloo Bois, Ryan Balch, who allegedly acted as a supposed self-proclaimed militia’s “tactical advisor” during the Kenosha standoff, as defendants.

Rittenhouse now faces a media driven homicide charges, despite overwhelming video evidence, that fake news media fails to report on, showing the 17-year-old was only acting in self-defense against the leftist mob, some of whom have stated that they attacked Rittenhouse with the intention to kill him.

Facebook Also Facing a Defamation Lawsuit Filed By Rittenhouse

Rittenhouse’s attorney, Lin Wood, meanwhile, dismissed the whole lawsuit as “nonsense” and even called it a “blessing in disguise.”

She argued that it could provide “a golden opportunity” to obtain documents and sworn testimony from Facebook showing that it “falsely” accused her client of mass murder. The evidence might then be used in a defamation case against Facebook.

It would not be shocking if Rittenhouse’s attorneys ultimately file a lawsuit, similar to that of Nicholas Sandmann’s libel suit, in which he prevailed against the likes of CNN, and The Washington Post, claiming the liberal-biased media failed to show evidence that ran afoul of their agenda.

Watch this Ben Shapiro Report On Tusker Carlson Showing What MSM, and This Lawsuit Failed To Divulge:


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