Liberals Clutch Pearls Over What Fox News Host Called CNN’s Brian Stelter

CNN News Brian Stelter
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The liberal-biased media cried foul after Fox News host Lisa “Kennedy” Montgomery insulted CNN hall monitor Brian Stelter by saying ‘Tatar’s gonna Tater’

The Fox News segment was discussing the mainstream media’s attack on conservatives which included the Washington Post cartoon, which we show below, titled “All The President’s Rats” 

During the discussion. Kennedy, responding to CNN’s bulbous-headed Buffoon comparing Republicans to ISIS terrorists, said:

“I’m going to steal a line from [right wing commentator] Stephen Miller (@redsteeze) “Tater’s gonna tater.

He [Stelter] might be the most unsophisticated analyst in the history of media analysis.

He’s not just ham-fisted, he’s ham-headed.”

Liberals Clutch Their Pearls

Of course, Twitter’s liberal loons like contributing editor @thedailybeast Justin Baragona pounced on Kennedy for her insulting CNN’s bulbous Democrat Ass Kisser.

WaPo media reporter Jeremy Barr also got in on the tater pearl-clutching:


Speaking of WaPo

While we wait for The Washington Post to publish a drawing that depicts any number of Joe Biden’s gaffe or Hunter Biden transgressions.

Here’s the WaPo drawing which depicted all of the state attorneys general and U.S. Congress members who they’ve accused of collaborating with President Trump to subvert the Constitution and stay in office.


We Love Brain Stelter 

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Hilariously, Brian Stelter banned us on Twitter after posting some pictures of the Bulbous one.

Here are a few examples

CNN Brian Stelter CNN Brian Stelter CNN Brian Stelter CNN Brian Stelter


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