Donald Trump Jr. inadvertently kicked off the latest liberal hashtag activist movement on social media, after jokingly suggesting #VaxToVote in which only those vaccinated against Covid-19 should be able to vote.

“Someone should introduce a bill mandating that you have to show your vaccination card to vote, and watch everyone on the left’s brain malfunction and explode,” Trump Jr. said in a tweet shared over the weekend by Democrat super political action committee Really American.

Liberals Can’t See Their Own Hypocrisy

While Trump Jr.’s post was intended to poke fun at the Democratic Party’s seeming support for Covid-19 vaccine mandates set by businesses while pushing back against the stricter voter ID laws recently enacted in states such as Georgia, liberals were quick to embrace the idea, taking it at face value.

Many supporters of the idea to link constituents’ vaccination status to their eligibility to vote cited the higher vaccination rates among those who identify as Democrats, and were already savoring the prospect of stripping unvaccinated Republicans of their voting rights. 

Donald Trump Jr Calls Out The Democrats Idiocy

Trump Jr. responded to the hashtag #VaxtoVote kicked off by his tweet by blasting supporters of the Democratic Party for endorsing the restriction of the voting rights of people they disagree with – something critics of the new Georgia voting legislation have accused Republicans of doing. 

“Libs with a hilarious self-own trending #VaxToVote,” he tweeted. “After years of crying about voter ID as a supposedly ‘racist’ restriction on voting rights, the left is now un-ironically calling for vax cards to be required to vote…You know, an ACTUAL restriction on voting rights.”


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