Liberals Have General Strike Trending #1 on Twitter #GeneralStrike

General Strike Trends On Twitter
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You know that things are get­ting nuts in liberal La La Land when General Strike starts trend­ing #1 on Twit­ter, #GeneralStrike

The unhinged leftist mob isn’t having a very good 2020. The lefts simpleminded social media mental midgets have already lost the battle to…

  • Impeach President Donald Trump
  • Remove not only Confederate statues, but also ones of Washington, Jefferson, and even Lincoln.
  • Shut down America until after the 2020 election.
  • Shut down schools hoping parents would be forced to stay home instead of going back to work.
  • Order every American to stay inside their homes until a vaccine could be developed, even if it took years.
  • Eliminate Police Departments.
  • Have the latest COVID Stimulus include Americans receiving more money in their unemployment checks, than what would be making at their jobs.

But with the realization that their Black Lives Matter, Antifa anarchist protests are flaming out.

Combined with the social media mob having the attention span of an ADHD person who’s forgotten to take their Adderall.

They’ve now been distracted by the latest shiny hashtag to cross their path.

Like a mob of mighty midget warriors who just realized it’s Friday and they need something to bitch about online this weekend.

Liberals screamed out in unison “HASHTAG POWERS ACTIVATE!” and magically #GeneralStrike is trending once again on Twitter.

Yes. We wrote again because it hap­pened last April after President Don­ald Trump said he had hoped Amer­i­cans could back to work by East­er.

Of course, the left took ‘hoping‘ to mean…

‘Dictator Trump has ordered Americans back to work by Easter, which will cause millions to die, but what does he care if he gets more blood on his hands.’

A gen­er­al strike has long held as one of those ultimate utopi­an dreams amongst the more extreme loony-toon liberals.

Think of a magical land where Unicorns pooping rainbows fly overhead, all white people are slaves, and the Government makes all your dreams come true.

Liberals believe that if ALL 330-million Americans go on strike all at once that will force the government to do their bidding.

Of course, they’re shocked to discover that at best only half the country is somewhat with them.

This leaves at a minimum, 165 million Americans laughing at their idiocy. Which will immediately result in the creation of some new hate ‘Merica hashtag.

There have been ​gen­er­al strikes” in Amer­i­can his­to­ry but they’ve been con­fined to indi­vid­ual cities, not our entire nation.

The most famous was prob­a­bly the Seat­tle gen­er­al strike of 1919 when more than 60,000 (peace­ful, of course) strik­ing union mem­bers induced a total shut­down of the city’s busi­ness.

But ‘General Strikes’ normally happen only during peri­ods of intense social upheaval, like what we’re seeing in Portland today.

While they rarely do, these localized upheavals could spark city­wide gen­er­al strikes like in 1934 when San Fran­cis­co was suffering through the Great Depres­sion. Or in Oak­land in 1946, just after World War Two.

Notice a pattern about where these General Strikes are taking place? 

The Twittering Twits Watching Hashtag General Strike Trend on Twitter Are Giddy with Excitement

With the Green New Deal, $1000 dollar-a-week Universal Basic Income, and free healthcare for all dancing in their heads.

The liberal leftist will spend the weekend gushing to each other how THIS TIME America is listening and all their wishes will finally come true.

Of course, by Monday, they will be shocked…SHOCKED I TELL YOU!  To learn that only a small fraction of the 330 million Americans were with them.

But for now, the Mob Is Letting Their #GeneralStrike Giddiness Go Wild!

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