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Liberals React To Beheaded Jesus Statue As You Would Expect

Statue of Jesus BEHEADED inside Florida church in alleged hate crime
The Miami Archdiocese stated that it expects police to pursue the discovery of a beheaded Jesus statue at a Kendale Lakes, Florida, catholic church as a hate crime.

The statue of Jesus Christ as the Good Shepherd had been resting behind the church for decades before meeting its end on Wednesday after it was decapitated by alledged BLM/Antifa vandals.

Despite the group behind this horrendous act being pretty self-evident, authorities continue to claim that it’s unclear who was behind the act after church staff reported that they found the statue early on Wednesday morning with its head lying nearby on the ground.

Although the church is equipped with security cameras, Deacon Edivaldo da Silva told local media that CCTV footage would hardly be helpful to identify those responsible, as none of the cameras show the damaged statue.

The church Requests that the beheaded Jesus statue be investigated as a “hate crime.”

The archdiocese noted that the suspected hate-fueled attack on the statue is not an isolated incident and that the Catholic Church as a whole has faced an avalanche of similar attacks recently.

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Church spokesperson Mary Ross Agosta told local media that the church sees it as not merely an act of vandalism against the church as these hate-crime attacks rise in the wake of BLM supporters declaring that Jesus and the Virgin Mary now represent white supremacy.

With BLM/Antifa activists toppling statues of historical figures across the country and now this beheaded Jesus statue its just the latest example of the Black Lives Matter organization using the George Floyd protests to further their racist Hate-America agenda.

Miami-Dade police have launched a probe into the incident.

Last Saturday, a statue of Mary was set on fire in St. Peter’s Parish Church in Dorchester, Massachusetts, with police saying that suspects ignited the plastic flowers the statue was holding.

On July 10, a 100-year-old statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary at the entrance of Cathedral Preparatory School and Seminary in New York was spray-painted with the word ‘IDOL’. The NYPD are investigating the incident as criminal mischief.

The ongoing spree of Church vandalism has swept the country amidst a wave of Black Lives Matter protests.

While initially aimed at statues of Confederate generals and slave owners, the removal crusade quickly escalated, and saw activists cheering the toppling of Christopher Columbus statues and those of former US presidents.

As the onslaught on historical monuments continued, some of the most radical BLM proponents, such as racial activist Shaun King, suggested that activists set their eyes on “white Jesus” statues, calling them a manifestation of “white supremacy.”

“Yes, I think the statues of the white European they claim is Jesus should also come down,” King tweeted. “They are a form of white supremacy. Always have been.”

Of course, the leftist Hate-America Twittering Twits saw nothing wrong with the Beheaded Jesus Statue.

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