Liberals Upset Obama, Democrats Lied: You Can’t Buy A Gun Online, And Get It Mailed To You

Obama, Democrats Lied About Buying Guns Through The Mail
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For years Democrat politicians such as former President Barack Obama have been screaming “Close the Gun Show Loophole,” or lecturing American voters how the NRA has made it so easy to buy a gun, they could do it online and have it mailed right to your door.

Since the coronavirus pandemic has taken hold, a gun-buying frenzy has been taking place, but not on the right, but on the left.

Who would’ve thunk it?

Suddenly those gun-grabbing liberals are NOW worried that the coronavirus will make people become so desperate and unpredictable, that they are looking to purchase a gun to protect themselves and loved ones.

But it wasn’t long ago that ‘Gun Control Now‘ anti-2A douchebags like CNN’s Chris Cuomo in an effort to show how despicable America had become, were giddily retweeting some millennial moron claiming “I was able to buy an AR-15 in five minutes. I’m 20 and my ID is expired.”

So according to Chris Cuomo and his repeal the Second Amendment ilk all you needed was 5-minutes, directions to a Walmart and you could walk out of the store holding a brand spanking new, fully automatic, built for war, AR-15 with its 10,000-round capacity.


Obama, The Liberal Gun Grabbing Fearmonger

When Barack Obama spoke to mourners in Dallas in July 2016 after a Black Lives Matter activist gunned down several police officers.

Obama told the audience, “It is easier for a teenager to buy a Glock than to get his hands on a computer or even a book.”

Hell, just last year, Barack Obama went so far as to tell an audience in Brazil that “our gun laws in the United States don’t make much sense” and claimed machine guns could be bought legally online.

Of course, Obama was full of poop, civilians has been banned from purchasing machine guns since 1986.

Coronavirus fears fuel spike in sales of guns and ammunition

Liberals, especially in California, are now realizing what the black community has recently also discovered. The Democrats have been lying to them for decades.

Americans panicked by coronavirus, are not only emptying grocery stores of hand sanitizer, and toilet paper, but guns and ammo have also been flying off the shelves as well.

Omaha Outdoors reported:

First came the panic buying of hand sanitizer. Then, people panic bought toilet paper. Now, food shelves are emptying and firearm and ammunition sales are through the roof.

The COVID19 outbreak might be bad for the stock market, but it’s certainly been a boon for very specific sectors of the economy. The gun industry, used to such boom/bust cycles, knows how to respond – but other sectors might not be so acclimated.

Here at Omaha Outdoors, we’ve been inundated with inquiries from out-of-state folks – many from California – asking if we can ship them a gun directly. The answer is, of course, no. Despite what politicians and many in popular media claim, you can’t buy a gun online and have it shipped to your house. Well, you could, if you were a federally licensed firearm dealer (or federally licensed curio and relic collector) and your home was your place of business. Other than that, no, you can’t buy a gun online and have it shipped, especially across state lines, to your home.

What you’ll need to do to buy a gun from us is order it on our online store and select an FFL, a federally licensed firearm dealer, during the online checkout process. We ship the gun to the dealer near you – presuming the firearm and its accessories are legal in your area – and you visit the dealer to fill out the required ATF Form 4473 and undergo the federal and any applicable state background checks. Some states might require a waiting period – sure to be a sore point at a time when people feel the need for a gun to protect themselves NOW. Only then can you take your new firearm home.

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