The Lincoln Project

Amid the worst pandemic to hit America in over a century, a RINO PAC called the Lincoln Project released one of the most repugnant Trump-hating ads of this 2020 election…so far.

The Lincoln Project is run by alleged Republicans, including loudmouth Rick Wilson who became infamous for making Don Lemon break out into a giggling fit, and Kellyanne Conway’s obese husband, George.

Though the Lincoln Projects claims their members are conservative Republicans, they’re nothing but RINOs.

The PAC has raised nearly $2.6 Million from wealthy elitists, in hopes of aiding the Democrats to defeat Donald Trump in 2020.

The Lincoln Project’s 60-second spot criticizes Trump’s response to the coronavirus, seemingly blaming Trump for the virus and the knee jerk reactions of governors across the country who have ordered shutdowns of their state’s businesses, wreaking havoc on the nation’s economy.

Lincoln Project offers no alternatives to what they would have done differently.

  1. If Trump doesn’t shut down the economy, they would blame him for virus deaths.
  2. If he shuts down the economy, they blame him for the damage caused. Except Trump hasn’t shut down the economy, governors and other local leaders have.

Of course, despite every Democrat and RINO #NeverTrumper crying how President Donald Trump never listens to the science. 

The fact remains the left’s hero Dr. Fauci advocated for the shutdown.

“Feelings” Not “Facts”

The ad claims the government is not helping Americans. But then goes on to say “Millions filing for unemployment.”

Funny, I could have sworn that Unemployment is a government-run agency?

President Trump also signed a stimulus bill that not only increased unemployment payments but extended by months the ability for American’s to receive unemployment checks. 

So how is this the government NOT helping American’s? 

Also, the Lincoln Project seems to have forgotten to mention that American’s received a $1200 check.

Ironically, before the Coronavirus pandemic caused by CHINA, not Trump. President Trump had the American economic engine running on all cylinders.

Amazingly, Before the COVID-19 Pandemic, PACs like the Lincoln Project avoided talking about the Trump economy like the plague.

But once it’s been ground to a halt due to no fault of our President, now they can’t stop talking about Trump somehow ruined the economy.

What would be more shocking than this revolting commercial, is if these egregious PACs turn their anger toward those that actually caused America’s economic meltdown…CHINA!

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