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Lincoln Project Uses Fake Ivanka Trump Voice over To Disparage Her “Find Something New’ Jobs Campaign

Lincoln Project, Ivanka Trump Find Something New Job Program

First daughter Ivanka Trump and Apple CEO Tim Cook on Tuesday urged workers who are unhappy with their jobs or unemployed due to the coronavirus pandemic to “find something new.”

We agree that the tagline “find something new,” which launched with a national ad campaign, is overly simplistic and ripe for Democrat disparagement such as what we are witnessing from the repugnant Lincoln Project.

Ivanka Trump and Tim Cook would have been far better off with a message that accentuates the fact that American workers have choices when seeking new employment opportunities or when choosing a new career path.

The “find something new” ad features unhappy and/or laid-off workers saying they were retrained for more satisfying jobs.

In my opinion, instead of using the “find something new”  which sounds hilariously similar to “Learn To Code”.

The message they should have embraced was ‘You have more job opportunities than you think’.

In fact, Ivanka Trump tried to convey this very same message when she and the panel were discussing the programs new website findsomethingnew.org:

“We hope that it enables so many people out there to really embark on a new journey and realize their full potential.”

Apple CEO Tim Cook, who has been praised by President Trump as “a great executive because he calls me and others don’t,” hawked the initiative as a potential source of social equality.

“This work has taken on new urgency in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and a renewed focus on opportunity, equality and racial justice,” 

The Lincoln Project Egregiously Attacks Ivanka Trump’s “Find Something New” Jobs Program

The Lincoln Project who cares little about facts or speaking the truth used a La La Land Liberal Paris Hilton-like voiceover to disparage Ivanka Trump and her new job opportunities idea.

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