Some of the Defund The Police delusional Democrats in Los Angeles have quickly changed their tune to ‘Refund The Police’ as crime skyrockets in 2021.

A little less than a year after Democrats “defund the police” idiocy swept through nearly every major Democratic-controlled city from coast to coast.

Los Angeles County Metro, the region’s public transportation agency, voted Thursday to boost police funding by $36 million.

The vote passed 12-0, including a “yea” from the person who chairs the board, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, who was a major advocate of the left’s ‘Defund the Police’ stupidity.

Of course, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti will claim he opposed the Black Lives Matter movement’s Defund The Police’ campaign, which is true…if viewed through a microscopic lens.

Garcetti was not in favor of one Black Lives Matter-LA’s proposal to cut the Los Angeles Police Department’s $1.8 billion operating budget by 90%.

After he publicly stated he would not support BLM’s radical defund the police 90% cut proposal, Garcetti stated in a news conference:

I agree with the sentiment that this is just a start, and my promise to people is we have to think about reimagining public safety. But we have to do that carefully, boldly and at the same time in an inclusive way so our officers don’t shoulder things like mental health and mental health disproportionately,”

Other than this one instance Garcetti was one of the left’s loudest Defund The Police cheerleaders.

Refund The Police

The ‘Refund the Police’ money will go toward the agency’s law-enforcement contracts with the Los Angeles Police Department, Long Beach Police Department, and Los Angeles Sherriff’s Department.

Los Angeles has been among the nation’s leading communities in efforts to defund the police.

In July 2020, Garcetti cheered on the Los Angeles City Council when it approved a $150 million cut to the LAPD’s budget for the 2021 fiscal year, a move that followed activists’ mounting calls to “defund the police.”

In November California voters approved a measure to devote 10 percent of the city’s general fund to non-police public safety measures.

The region, however, has seen a sudden upswing in a variety of crimes over the past year.

Los Angeles Police Chief Michael Moore lamented an eight-fold rise in shootings, from 59 in the first two weeks of 2021 compared with just 7 at the same time last year.


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