Lt. Caron Nazario, a member of the US Army Medical Corps, was wearing his military fatigues when he was pulled over by Windsor Police on December 5 in Virginia reportedly for driving his new Chevy Tahoe without license plates.

While you’ll see plenty of liberal-biased reporters screeching that the incident was another example of white racist cops looking to shoot a black man.

Anyone watching the video (below) will see that Lt. Caron Nazario’s actions are solely responsible for this minor traffic stop escalating into a life and death situation.

Here is how many liberal-biased news outlets covered the story and the facts they conveniently leave out.

This is how VOX covered the incident:

Headline: Cops Caught on Video Holding a Black Army Lieutenant at Gunpoint, Then Pepper-Spraying Him

Sub-headline: When Lt. Caron Nazario said he was afraid to get out of the vehicle, one officer responded, “Yeah, you should be.”


Caron Nazario was driving his newly purchased Chevy Tahoe home when two police officers pulled him over in Windsor, Virginia, whipped out their guns, and started barking orders. 

With their weapons raised, the officers demanded that Nazario, a Black and Latino man, get out of the SUV. Nazario looked in the mirror and saw he was being held at gunpoint, then placed his cellphone on his dashboard to film the December 5 encounter. He repeatedly asked to know what was going on. At one point, he even admitted to being afraid to leave the vehicle.

“Yeah, you should be,” one of the officers responded. 

Now Here Are The Facts About Lt. Caron Nazario Traffic-stop.

At 6:36 pm a Windsor Police officer flashed his lights to pull over Lt. Caron Nazario.

Lt. Caron Nazario instead of pulling over, Nazario drove another 1:40 when he pulled over in a well-lighted BP station.

The reason why Lt. Caron Nazario’s car was pulled over was due to the vehicle having temporary tape taped to the inside the heavily tinted rear window.

According to Virginia law, it’s actually supposed to be placed where the license plate should have been.

The vehicle also had 100% blacked-out windows which are illegal, ironically because it prevents a police officer from seeing inside the vehicle.

With the blacked-out tinted windows, for almost 2-minutes the Police officer following couldn’t tell what Lt. Caron Nazario was doing.

Because of this very reason, in the video, you clearly can hear the officers asking each other, as well as Nazario ‘how many people were in the car?’

This begs the question, if the officers couldn’t see inside the vehicle, then how could they tell Lt. Caron Nazario was black? 

In fact, to prove how dark the tint was, at 5:35 into the video Lt. Caron Nazario stated he had a dog in the back seat choking on the pepper spray.

But because the windows had 100% tinted windows, until Lt. Caron Nazario said it, no one watching this video would have suspected there was a dog in the backseat.

While the news stories regurgitated the line “the Bodycam video shows that officers pulled their weapons and ordered Lt. Caron Nazario to get out of the vehicle.”

They conveniently left out a hell of a lot of contexts.

Every Police officer knows the most dangerous part of the job is a traffic stop. 

So, it’s more than reasonable that any officer knowing a traffic stop is the most dangerous part of the job. Combined with Lt. Caron Nazario waiting almost 2-minutes to pull his car over that had blacked-out windows

Having their guns drawn isn’t shocking.

Just for some additional context: In February, on a sunny afternoon in North Carolina, I was pulled over for doing 87 in a 70 mph zone.

I pulled over immediately, turned off my car, and put my hands out the window before the cop even got out of his vehicle.

I’m a clean-cut white middle-aged man, driving a Nissan Altima with not a single traffic ticket in over a decade.

And still, as The State Trooper approached my vehicle, I could see his hand was on his gun ready to draw.

Lt. Caron Nazario is a Black and Latino man.

Laughably every writer made sure to describe Lt. Caron Nazario as a Black and Latino man, thereby implying that this traffic stop was racially motivated.

Of course, if the cops couldn’t see how many people were in the car, or a dog in the backseat, then how would could these racist white supremacist cops be able to tell Lt. Caron Nazario was a Black/Latino man?

Oh, BTW one cop was Latino!

With-out-a-doubt some will claim ‘They could see his reflection in the side view mirror’.

Sorry, this isn’t the movies. Just attempt to do that following someone and see how well you can see the driver’s face in the reflection of a 4×8 inch mirror from 25 feet away driving at 40 m.p.h.?

Liberal-bias fake news journalist really jumped the shark.

In nearly every article I read the author wrote that the reason why Lt. Caron Nazario refused to comply was due to him being afraid to get out of the vehicle. 

Of course, they left out the part where Lt. Caron Nazario didn’t actually inform the officers of this little factoid until over 3 minutes of Nazario refusing to obey the order to get out of his vehicle.

In between the time the cops got out of their car at the BP station (1:30) and the time Lt. Caron Nazario said “I’m honestly afraid to get out of the car” he ignored:

  • 8 orders to put his “hands out the window.”
  • 16 orders to “get out of the car.”
  • And twice refused to answer “How many people were in the vehicle?”

Not shockingly, the media also failed to report one officer saying (3:29) “Sir, just get out of the car and work with us and we’ll talk to you”.

Of course, it’s not surprising since none of these facts advanced their agenda of ‘racist white cops hold Black Army Lieutenant at gunpoint.‘ Again, In spite of one of the cops being Latino.

I also found it quite amusing that these reporters made it a point to say “Black Army Lieutenant’.

How could the cops have possibly known that Caron Nazario was an actual Lt. in the Army?

Because Nazario said it? Because Nazario was wearing Army fatigues? I guess that’s enough proof for reporters but kinda falls a bit short when Cops are risking their lives.

Of course, if Nazario was truly an Army Lieutenant, one would think he of all people would have no problem obeying orders since that’s what he’s trained to do?

I must also assume in liberal La La Land where these reporters reside. They’ve never heard the term ‘Stolen Valor’? Or have any army surplus stores whereby non-military personal could purchase army fatigues? 

Of Course, This Proves They’re Racist Cops LOL

Reporters also made it a point out that after hearing Lt. Caron Nazario say “I’m honestly afraid to get out of the car” one racist officer responded, “Yeah you should be”.

Again these supposed reporters left out the fact for over 2-minutes Lt. Caron Nazario ignored every order he was given.

Reporters also broke down the rest of the video in this way:

Nazario was pepper-sprayed, removed from the SUV, and handcuffed while laying the ground.

Again, conveniently leaving out all the facts which transpired before each of these events.

Over 4-minutes into the video, one officer can be seen holstering his gun and using his left hand reached through Lt. Caron Nazario’s open driver’s side window to unlock the car door while his right pulled on the door handle to open the car door.

As soon as the door started opening Lt. Caron Nazario used his left arm that was draped outside the window to pull the car door shut the door again.

At this point, both officers now had their guns holstered, stepped back, and at 4:28 one officer proceeded to pepper-spray Lt. Caron Nazario.

After refusing an additional 10 orders ‘to get out of the car’ Lt. Caron Nazario finally started to obey.

Vox as well as some other accounts i read reported:

After Nazario got out of the vehicle, he was allegedly hit with “knee-strikes” to the legs. Officers continued to strike him after he was on the ground and in tears, according to the lawsuit. 

But the video doesn’t show this, nor do you hear any ‘thumping’ sounds that would lead you to believe that Lt. Caron Nazario’s legs were getting battered.

The Police One Mistake Was Being Nice

Nazario’s ambulance-chasing attorney Jonathan Arthur just filed a lawsuit accusing Windsor police officers, Joe Gutierrez, and Daniel Crocker violated Nazario’s First, and Fourth Amendment constitutional rights.

According to the lawsuit it claimed that the cops searched Nazario’s SUV “without permission or authority” to locate a firearm that Nazario said he had.

This is pathetic as even a novice lawyer knows that all the events that lead up to that search gave the police all the authority they would ever need.

After all the drama that had finally settled down, and everything was the Police officers made their one big mistake…They cut Lt. Caron Nazario some slack because he was serving our country.

In the police incident report, officer Guiterrez wrote:

“I made the decision to release him without charges.

The reason for this decision is simple; the military is the only place left where double jeopardy applies. Meaning that regardless of what happened in civilian court the military could still take punitive actions against him.

Being a military veteran, I did not want to see his career ruined over one erroneous decision.” 

So because they were nice and failed to arrest Lt. Caron Nazario for disobeying a police officer, and resisting arrest.

The two officers and the Windsor Police Department are now being sued, not to mention being labeled as racists cops on Social media.

Of course, Windsor, Virginia will settle for an undisclosed amount, and all parties will sign a no-fault agreement because it’ll be cheaper than going to court.

This is absolute bullshit because the media will claim that the Windsor Police Department settled in order to protect their racists cops.

For this very reason, every state should pass a law stating that anyone who brings these frivolous lawsuits and losses must pay the defendant’s costs.




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  2. There was obvious racial profiling going on. The LT. was in fear of police officers That were doing their duty and was looking for a Floyd payday.


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