Maria Bartiromo: Schiff Lied, People Will Be Prosecuted

Maria Bartiromo talking to Sean Hannity ripped into lying Adam Schiff and said ‘Crimes were committed against a duly elected President and people will be prosecuted’

Fox Business Network host Maria Bartiromo said she believes the FISA abuse scandal outlined in the recent inspector general’s report will “blow up” more extensively than it has thus far.

Bartiromo told Humanity:

“It is pretty incredible, the lies that came out Adam Schiff and Adam Schiff’s office, as you just pointed out, it is even worse than lies, Sean, these are crimes committed,” she said.

“People will be prosecuted for this. Even if you believe — which I do not — that there was a credible reason to start the investigation into Donald Trump — that counter investigation: It died within weeks.”

How incredibly tragic is it with all the documents and communications that Barr & Durham have already uncovered, that they have not taken action BEFORE the House can brand President Trump with the words “Impeached President” for the rest of eternity.

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