Mary McCormack the ‘In Plain Sight,’ and ‘The Kids are Alright‘ Trump-hating Actresses Twitter bio reads “It’s such a fine line between stupid and clever” but after attacking Melania Trump’s newly renovated White House Rose Garden, she proved which side of the line she stands on.

As with all La La Land liberals, Mary McCormack went with her ‘Feelings are just as factual as facts’ when tweeting this little bit of uneducated stupidity:

Twittering Twit Mary McCormack

Sorry Mary, but the fact is, Melania Trump’s incredible renovation of the White House Rose Garden was not funded by taxpayers, instead, it was paid for by Private Donations.

But despite our sister site BackroomBuzz, as well as many other Twitter users, which included those on the left, educated this ill-informed Democrat dimwit…

Mary McCormack’s tweet still remains.

Of course, that’s typical behavior from these Hollywood hypocrites since they understand their followers never read anything past their Twitter headline, making their Trump-hate supersede being wrong.

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