Maryland Bar Unveils Coronavirus Social Distancing Tubes

Maryland Coronavirus Social Distancing Tubes
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Remember how President Donald Trump says the Cure can’t be worse than the disease? Yes, Our President was talking about reopening states, but his warning seems to work with these Coronavirus Social Distancing Tubes as well.

A Maryland bar unveiled an innovative solution to help patrons remain socially distant when they fully reopen — inner tubes on wheels.

Fish Tales in Ocean City rolled out new “social distancing tables” on Saturday, recording their maiden voyages on Facebook Live.

“Only at Fish Tales can you find these special tables for social distancing,” a woman recording the video said.

“They are six feet apart. You can drink safely,” she said as a number of employees tested out the contraptions, wheeling them from the back of a truck onto the bar’s property.

The tables will be available to customers “whenever we are allowed to serve,” the woman recording the video said.

Fish Tales, like many bars in the state, is open for takeout service. On-site services at restaurants and bars in Maryland remain prohibited.

Just Sayin’… If I had my choice, I would rather risk the 2% chance of catching the Coronavirus than ever be seen walking around in a social distancing inner tube.

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