Maryland Governor Larry Hogan Sends Gestapo ‘Compliance Units’ To Arrest Residents Who Have ‘No Constitutional Right’ To Refuse Wearing COVID Masks

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan
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Maryland Governor Larry Hogan deployed his Gestapo “compliance units” across the state to ensure residents’ adherence to his draconian Covid-19 restrictions at bars, restaurants, and anywhere else people might gather, ramping up enforcement just in time for Thanksgiving.

The “High Visibility Compliance Units,” announced by Republican Governor Larry Hogan earlier this week, hit the streets of Maryland on Wednesday, led by state troopers in coordination with local officials and law enforcement.

Hogan’s SS units description sounds as if it was taken out of Hitler’s Nazi playbook: “focus on educating the public about existing orders and protocols, preventing super-spreading events, and taking enforcement actions when necessary,” Hogan’s office said in a statement, adding that the patrols would “continue throughout the holiday season.”

The new push to enforce the coronavirus regulations comes amid another wave of infections in the ongoing pandemic, prompting state and local leaders to enact similar policies across the US, including Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf, who said this week that police would be “stepping up efforts” to enforce a new “Covid-19 safety plan.”

Maryland’s RINO governor Hogan has taken a particularly harsh stance toward rule-breakers, ridiculously insisting Maryland residents have no right to refuse to wear a face mask during the health crisis, which he compared to “a constitutional right to drive drunk” or to “yell ‘fire’ in a crowded movie theater.”

Has Maryland Governor Larry Hogan Ever Read The US Constitution?

History Repeating Itself

As TuskerDaily reported in our article COVID Mask Debate Isn’t New, It Happened During The 1918 Pandemic As Well.

In 1918, the most deadly outbreak of influenza of the 20th century killed nearly 50 million people across the world and around 675,000 people in the United States.

The virus affected the respiratory functions of everyone who caught it and could be spread through particles in the air – no one was safe.

Sound familiar?

Similar to today’s COVID pandemic, in 1918 and 1919 people were ordered to wear masks and to social distance, as it was the only way scientists believed would ensure our safety.

But just like today, there were plenty of people who claimed that the masks didn’t work, and the U.S. constitution gave us the right to choose not to wear a mask. Some of them even ended up in prison for their beliefs.

When the flu of 1918 broke out, one of the first cities to adopt mask laws was San Francisco.

On October 25, 2018, San Francisco passed an ordinance that required everyone in the city to wear a mask every time they ventured out in public or gathered in groups of two or more.

The masks could only be removed for the purpose of eating, and those who defied the ordinance were arrested and charged with disturbing the peace.

The Anti-Mask League (AML) started a campaign to inform Californians of their rights, and the threat of bringing a lawsuit ultimately convince officials to repeal the order, and on February 1, 1919, they did just that.

A study in 1919 concluded that mandatory mask mandates did not make any difference in stopping the pandemic.

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