As TuskerDaily reported earlier. ESPN began the week by publishing an imbecilic race-baiting ‘The NFL is Racist’ article from Martenzie Johnson who accused the NFL draft of racism against black quarterbacks. 

ESPN’s no-name race-baiter, Martenzie Johnson, had the audacity, or is that stupidity to write:

“The NFL is trying to keep the position as white as the painted yard lines on the field.”

So, according to Martenzie Johnson, the NFL want’s their Quarterbacks to be as white as the painted yard lines on the field huh?

Anyone want to tell ESPN’s race-baiting imbecile that:

  • The highest-paid quarterback in NFL history, Patrick Mahomes, is black.
  • The second-highest-paid quarterback in NFL history, Dak Prescott, is black.
  • The third-highest-paid quarterback in NFL history, Deshaun Watson, is black.
  • The fourth-highest-paid quarterback in NFL history, Russell Wilson, is black? 

Max Kellerman and Stephen A. Smith Pick’s Up ESPN’s ‘NFL is Racist’ Baton.

Not surprisingly, ESPN’s dynamic duo of dimwits on-air personalities Max Kellerman, and Stephen A. Smith spread the same lie on “First Take”.

Social justice warrior Max Kellerman, dishonestly claimed only black quarterbacks slip in the draft, which was as ridiculous a statement as what Martenzie Johnson penned.

In his phony pandering to his ESPN’s woke management, Kellerman let the world know it is on his “radar” that the draft might go “white guy, white guy, white guy.”

Got that? Kellerman’s antenna is up.


Max Kellerman’s ‘NFL Is Racist’ argument is as empty as his head

As usual, none of these ESPN talentless hacks are willing to explain if the NFL is so racist against black quarterbacks, why Jameis Winston, Jamarcus Russell, Cam Newton, Kyler Murray, and Michael Vick all went first overall.

Or, as we had shown above, why the four highest-paid quarterbacks EVER are all black?

Don’t expect them to produce an answer because it would ruin the narrative.

From the moment word leaked out of the 49ers’ camp that Ohio State QB Justin Fields was out of the running. And the 49ers’ were down to choosing either Mac Jones, whose white or Trey Lance whose black as their future franchise QB.

It’s become apparent that those employed by ESPN are hell-bent on advocating for Trey Lance.

Why? Who knows?  But ESPN is clearly trying to intimidate the 49ers into drafting a black QB third overall in Thursday’s NFL 2021 Draft.

We will see if this strategy works, but the way the NFL’s spineless jellyfish has been operating over the past few years, I would be shocked if it doesn’t

ESPN’s Racist Stupidity Is Easily Debunked.

Like, as we showed above in debunking ESPN’s Martenzie Johnson’s race-baiting ‘The NFL is Racist’ BS.

Max Kellerman’s ‘white guy…white guy…white guy‘ idiocy, is easily dismissed when you use something we at TuskerDaily like to call facts.

Did Kellerman have any issue with the 2011 draft that went black guy, black guy, black guy?

How about in 2015? When the NFL draft, which went non-white guy, non-white guy, non-white guy?

Does Max Kellerman, and Stephen A. Smith want the NFL to make picking by race mandatory in order to keep ESPN’s woke warriors happy?

Max Kellerman will claim “I never said the NFL is racist? 

Of course, he didn’t need to since his race-baiting message was so f’n transparent.

These people are awful, and they need to be called out for every imbecilic race-baiting BLM conspiracy theory ESPN happily regurgitates.



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