Media Leaves Out The Most Important Detail Of The Story

Missouri castle doctrine, Gun Owners second amendment rights
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Yesterday a video was widely circulated showing a Missouri couple with legally owned guns guarding their home as BLM protesters who trespassing onto private property on their way to the mayor’s residence.

The media, of course, pounced on it with all the Liberal-bias accuracy they could muster.

History will not be kind to “2020 journalists,” many of which won’t be able to defend their egregious skewed-left reporting.

While the mainstream media were quick to report on the parts that match their agenda, namely ‘guns are evil, white gun owners are racists

The media were even quicker to ignore the fact that these homeowners were acting in compliance with Missouri’s castle doctrine

Without question, those BLM “Peaceful Protesters” were trespassing on private property as they broke through a security gate.

According to Missouri’s castle doctrine, these homeowners had every right to protect their homes.

Missouri's castle doctrine law of self defense

As usual, the Media Skipped Right Past Missouri’s Castle Doctrine, And Went Right To ‘Guns Are Evil, White Gun Owners Are Racists’


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