As the mainstream media screeches over how alarming America’s new COVID surge has become, they blatantly ignore reporting on the fact that the daily death toll from COVID-19 remains low.

Over the past few days, the number of new cases of COVID has surged to a record high of 187,833 yesterday and more than 80,600 patients are now hospitalized across the country.

While the Trump-Hate mainstream media almost giddily reports that the daily deaths due to the Coronavirus have surged to 2,015 a day. Quickly adding that the number of fatalities per day is the highest it has been since back in May during the initial peak of the virus.

What the mainstream media fails to mention is back when the COVID-19 death rates were at this level. The United States was only testing approximately 200,000 American’s a day and not the 1.8 Million tests that we are now conducting daily.

US Daily COVID Testing

MSM Reporting Only What Fits Their COVID Agenda

The mainstream media have ad nauseum shown a map created by US government health officials, that shows the number of COVID-19 infections per capita on a county level.

The map shows the entire country blanketed in red, which indicates that at least some counties in every state are reporting more than 200 cases per 100,000 residents.

Evidently, the mainstream media believes this map supposedly justifies their over-the-top COVID-19 hysterics.

US government_map_shows_the_number_of_COVID_19_infections rate increases

Mainstream Media Manipulating The News To Fit Their Agenda

While the media hyperventilates over new COVID-19 cases, they not only avoid reporting that the United States is conducting six-times the amount of COVID testing America did just 6-months ago.

They laughably post graphs like the ones below, which shows the new COVID Infections per day and also how many Americans per day who had tragically succumbed to the Coronavirus.

But the mainstream media blatantly show these graphics separately for one very good reason.

Side by Side COVID Infection cases and Coronavirus Death cases

If the news media superimposed the number of daily deaths over the number of new daily COVID infections as TuskerDaily has done below, it completely obliterates their Liberal agenda.

Here is what the COVID deaths per day numbers would look like in comparison to the number of new COVID infections per day:

COVID New Cases Per Day Vs Coronavirus Deaths Per Day

Every single death from COVID-19 is tragic.

The tragic loss of life from COVID-19 is simply horrifying, but that does not excuse the mainstream media’s reporting on the Coronavirus

It’s become more than obvious that MSM’s goal is to create panic by replacing facts with their liberal-bias Trump-Hate agenda.

They truly are, as President Trump has stated, “The Enemy Of The People”.