Media Double Standard As Biden Sits Behind Same ‘Tiny Desk’ They Mocked Trump For

Donald Trump, Joe Biden Baby Resolute Tiny desk
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The mainstream media’s double-standard keeps cementing their clown-world status as Joe Biden sat behind the exact same “tiny” desk that, just weeks ago, former President Donald Trump was relentlessly mocked by the media for.

As Joe Biden sat down behind the same media nicknamed ‘Baby Resolute‘ that his predecessor had used on November 28, 2020.

Unlike when Trump was sitting behind it, this time not a snicker could be heard from a single White House pool reporter.

The White House Cesspool Reporters

The mocking wasn’t the only thing missing from the scene, not one photographer bothered to capture a picture of President Biden sitting behind the tiny desk.

This, despite the fact, that Biden himself called these COVID-19 executive orders the first step in his administration ‘full-scale war-time effort’ to beat back the coronavirus.

Setting Google’s Image Search for “last 24-hours” and then searching for “Joe Biden Tiny Desk,” or “Joe Biden Baby Resolute Desk

Hundreds of pictures do appear, shockingly, NOT SHOCKINGLY, there wasn’t a single one of Joe Biden.

Nearly every one of the pictures was of President Trump which had been taken in late November.

Joe Biden Tiny Desk

Funny, how Google’s Search Algorithm works? 

I’ve always believed “AI” stood for ‘Artificial Intelligence’.

But judging by the results produced by Google’s AI, I must assume it stands for ‘Absolutely Idiotic’

Whether the Biden administration ordered ‘No Photos,’ or the media colluded among themselves knowing they would be ridiculed for their double-standard.

Unless you screenshot it from a video and found the one close-up picture (below) that frames the minuscule desk in a more respectable light. 

Then good luck finding a wide-angle photo, or one taken from a distance of President Joe Biden sitting behind the media nicknamed ‘Baby Resolute,’ as he signed these supposedly historic COVID-19 executive orders.

Of course, as our Google image search results revealed in the above screenshot.

The press took thousands of those angles when President Trump was in a similar position as Biden.

Joe Biden Baby Resolute Tine desk

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