A video showing actor and filmmaker Mel Gibson saluting former President Donald Trump as he arrived at a recent UFC fight has enraged Twitter’s cancel culture mob.

First posted to TikTok on Monday, the footage shows Trump as he entered the T-Mobile area near Las Vegas for the UFC 264 event over the weekend, with Gibson briefly seen saluting him in the background.

While there was initially some question as to whether it was really the Oscar-winning actor, other footage of the incident has since emerged giving a better view. 

Mel Gibson Sends Twitter’s Radical Leftist Right off the Cliff

The liberal Mob was up in arms that Gibson would dare to acknowledge the former commander-in-chief.

Some claimed that his salute came as no surprise given the filmmaker’s previous controversies.


For those liberals that still have some gray matter left in their noggin, and many ‘right side of history’ Conservatives, just couldn’t comprehend why Mel Gibson’s salute triggered the liberal loony-toon cancel culture mob?

Others just call out BrooklynDad_Defiant! because this moron makes the Top 10 list of Twitter’s most triggered cancel culture mob members.




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