Melania Trump’s Lime-Green Dress Had Liberal Mob Seeing Red

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Melania Trump was simply stunning in Valentino’s designed lime-green dress that stood out amid a sea of drab Washington DC plain jane dresses on the final night of the 2020 Republican National Convention.

The first lady instantly drew eyes as she entered the South Lawn of the White House on President Trump’s arm — thanks to her choice of a highlighter-green dress, accessorized with a thin red belt.

Of course, the moment the liberal mob and their media cohorts spotted Melania Trumps’ Lime-Green Gown they attacked

CNN correspondent Kate Bennett posted an overhead photo of the festivities in which Melania could instantly be spotted, and quipped: “For those wondering why @FLOTUS chose the bright green??”

Others pointed out that the outfit’s green shade would make it easy to photoshop.

Another English illiterate twittering twit screeched “It’s hard to explain how happy I am as a memer to see Melania Trump wearing a chroma green dress!!,”

Let’s Remember, The Same Leftist Throwing Shade At Melania Trump’s Lime-Green Dress…Thought She-Hulks Glitter Boots Were Exquisite

Michelle Obama Glitter Boots

But because the social media mob has to mob

Like their OBAMAmnesia when it comes to their messiah locking away immigrant kids in cages, all those race riots that happened during the Obama/Biden administration, and using the national guard to tear-gas ‘Peaceful Protesters,’ and illegals trying to cross the border.

So too have they forgotten all about Michelle Obama’s many multiple fashion faux pas.

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