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Merry Trump Impeachmentmas

Trump Impeachment Day

Schiff’s Folly finally gets its vote, and all that remains to be seen is if Grandma Nan was able to talk vulnerable red state Democrats into tossing their careers away the way she did with the Obamacare vote back in the day.

The lefties have been using the hashtag #MerryImpeachmas, but we all know that none of this will turn out the way they ultimately want it to. I thought of the “impeachmentmas” line last week, which is why I used it, and not the hashtag version in the headline.

POTUS went old-school and sent a letter to Pelosi that set the Dems’ rears on fire and offended the bed-wetting editorial boards of every dying newspaper in America.

In what has to be the clearest sign that the Democratic elite will never learn, many of them have spent the past two days selling impeachment as the right thing to do because The New York Times, WaPo, and the rest of the journo editorial clown car are supporting it. Move fifty miles inland from either coast and you could spend an entire day looking for people who give a damn about the Times’s editorial board and not find a dozen. But Robert Reich and other Clinton and Obama flacks still believe that these vestigial wastes of space have relevance.

My Christmas wish is that when this circus finally rolls over to the Senate, McConnell will do his parliamentary procedure wizardry and sweep the nonsense into a dustpan as quickly as possible.

OK, I’m also wishing for a good bottle of whiskey.

A bill in the Tennessee legislature would require that biology — and not feelings — be used to determine whether an athlete is male or female. If it passes, look for the lib rage mob to call for boycotts of the state. I’ve written a few times about my feelings on this subject as the father of a female college athlete. Some sanity and science have to be restored, neither of which are popular with the left.

Cocaine Mitch ain’t playin’. Mitch McConnell Responds to Schumer’s Impeachment Demands: No Time for a ‘Fishing Expedition’

read more at pjmedia.com

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