Michael Avenatti's Jail Conditions: Rats, Fear of Coronavirus

This is one of those stories where you smile and say ‘Good…At least Some People Got What They Had Coming To Them’

In November 2018, when Michael Avenatti’s firm was evicted from its expensive ocean-view law offices in Newport Beach, California, you kind of wondered how far the man could fall.

The final eviction notice came just days after he was accused of domestic violence.

It was two months after the moment which signaled the beginning of the end for Stormy Daniels’ former lawyer — his representation of Julie Swetnick, a woman who made wild accusations of gang-rape and drugging against then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

And yet, as Avenatti’s firm was kicked out of the building for non-payment of $213,254 in rent, according to the Los Angeles Times, he was still talking about running for president.

Avenatti is now a jailbird, having been convicted in February of trying to extort athletic-wear giant Nike for $25 million over alleged improprieties involving collegiate athletes.

“I think he’s in a bit of a state of shock,” Avenatti attorney Danya Perry told reporters after the conviction, according to CNBC. “But he’s a fighter, as you all know, and he’s staying strong.”

Can You Really Tell The Difference Between Michael Avenatti and The Rats?

He’s locked up in New York City’s Metropolitan Correctional Center, the last known earthly home of Jeffrey Epstein and a significantly different set of digs than his former law offices.

In fact, it’s bad enough that Avenatti attorney Scott Srebnick wants a 30-day delay in a pre-sentencing interview because of health concerns — including COVID-19 transmission.

According to the New York Post, Srebnick complained of the unsanitary conditions in a letter to a New York judge.

“Mr. Avenatti’s cell was infested with rats. The jail reeks or urine. As of yesterday, Mr. Avenatti had not shaved in weeks. Meanwhile, across the country, public officials are declaring states of emergency as a result of the spread of the coronavirus,” the letter read.

“Health officials are uncertain of the actual risks. And, by all accounts, a prison facility poses among the highest risks of spread of infection.

“Given the uncertainty regarding the coronavirus, the ease with which it spreads, and the documented unsanitary conditions at the MCC-New York, I am requesting that the … background interview be adjourned,” he added.

Avenatti is in the Manhattan jail for the foreseeable future.

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