Michael Bloomberg It's A Dog, That's Not How Its Done

As we reported earlier Michael Bloomberg doesn’t have social skills when speaking to people who are heartbroken after someone they cared for dies… Now he shows he’s no dog lover.


Presidential hopeful Michael Bloomberg shows he’s no lover of dogs or at least he’s clueless about what to do when he comes across one of our furry friends

On Tuesday, a video emerged of him greeting a dog by shaking its snout at a campaign stop in Vermont.

The encounter between the out-of-touch with normal social skills former NYC mayor and the pooch was filmed Monday in Burlington, Vermont and has gone viral on Twitter, with millions of users on the platform viewing the video.

The footage shows Bloomberg shaking a man’s hand, then grab the dog by the muzzle and shaking the pooch snout up and down.

After the snout-shaking incident, Bloomberg scratches the top of the dog’s head.

The dog, as most dog’s are, was friendly to the imbecilic human grabbing his snout as the lovable pooch wagged his tail throughout the awkward encounter.

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