Hypocrite Michelle Obama Lectures America about Coronavirus

Michelle Obama informed us last week through a PSA, the shocking news that we’re all supposed to stay inside now, thanks to the threat of coronavirus.

Michelle Obama ‘Stay At Home PSA’ contained the Democrats nonsense that Coronavirus is racist because it is somehow targeting the African-American community.

The former first lady (some say man) said in one of them, posted to YouTube by the newspaper on April 24.

“Our communities are among the hardest hit by the coronavirus,” 

“And we’ve got to do everything we can to keep each other safe.

“And that means staying home, because even if we are not showing any symptoms, we can still spread the virus to others,”

Michelle Obama Being Her Hypocrite Self

I’ve always had a certain disdain for PSAs.

Particularly those with a celebrity lecturing us about believing all women and treating them with respect. While they all looked the other way as Harvey Weinstein raped his way through La La Land for years.

And of course, the same liberals who produced all those #MeToo PSA’s are now declaring that Joe Biden innocent.

Why? because Joe Biden couldn’t have sexually assaulted Tara Reade because ‘Joe would never do such a thing, plus he’s emphatically denied it.’

But just like I don’t need to be told not to rape women, or to treat with women with respect.

I don’t need Michelle Obama telling me, or anyone else, months after everyone in the world already knew, that we needed to stay home during the Coronavirus pandemic.

But like those ‘Do as I say, Not as I Do’ La La Land #MeToo liberals, Michelle Obama proved she just as much a hypocrite as those Hollywood morons.

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Low and behold, just one day after Michelle Obama’s recorded her Coronavirus PDA on April 24th.

While Americans are being arrested if they take their kids to a park. On April 25th, there was Michelle’s wife Barack being caught playing golf during a mandatory lockdown.

Like his presidency, It’s was a bit difficult to capture Obama doing anything.

But Politico posted the picture of Obama violating stay at home orders on a golf course in Virginia that is closed to the public due to #coronavirus.

Obama golfing during coronavirus lockdown

And Tucker Carlson had some thoughts About The Obama’s Hypocrisy…

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