Michigan's Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer
Michigan Gov Gretchen Whitmer has been pandering hard to the identity politics wing of the loony-toon leftists in her reelection bid.
Gestapo Gretchen declared racism a “public health crisis” and of course, spewing that everyone is plagued by unconscious bias.

The executive order signed by Whitmer on Wednesday mandates implicit bias training for all state employees. Whitmer claimed her ultimate goal is to build “a more inclusive and unbiased state that works for everyone,” the Democrat governor said.

Another measure rolled out by Whitmer is to set up the Black Leadership Advisory Council to advise the state government.

Of course, as with all Democrats who are pandering their way to reelection, Whitmer’s order will not make one iota of difference.

“She can sign an executive directive declaring the moon is made of cheese, it obviously doesn’t make it so. She is clearly pandering to her base,” one Twitter user argued.

Some pointed out what every other sane person has known since FOREVER… Implicit bias training is “ineffective” and a “waste of funding.”

Laughably, one twitter user wrote that Whitmer’s “white privilege” will “stop her from stepping down and turning the governor’s office over to a Woman of Color as is prescribed by the BLM leadership.” 

Conservatives took offense with the Gestapo Gretchen’s claim that all state employees are biased in some way or the other. “Absolutely sickening. Does she really think so little of our health care workers that she believes they’re a gang of racists who mistreated black patients?”

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