Michigan Voters Not Only Hate Impeachment, But MSM's BS Coverage

The far-left Axios reports that Michigan swing voters not only hate impeachment, they “have virtually zero trust in the media’s coverage of” President Trump.

Yep, as the national impeachment polling continues to move against the media and Democrats, at the swing state level things look even more dire for America’s Ukraine Hoaxsters.

And these are not just any swing voters in Michigan, this focus group was made up of voters who supported President Obama before moving over to Trump in 2016.

In other words, these are the voters the Democrat Party and fake media are counting on to come back home in 2020, to return to the Democrat fold and defeat Trump’s re-election chances. Well, they are not coming home. They are no longer Obama/Trump voters. They are now just Trump voters.

“Some swing voters here who voted for Barack Obama and then Donald Trump are firmly in Trump’s camp now — and they’re sick of impeachment,” Axios reports, adding, “These voters hate the fact that House Democrats are moving toward impeaching the president. They call it a distraction from the issues that would actually improve their lives.”

Those issues include “preserving Social Security, cracking down on illegal immigration, and keeping jobs in the U.S.”

“They have virtually zero trust in the media’s coverage of” Trump and “credit Trump with making health care more affordable.”

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