Michigan’s Fed Up With Gov Gretchen Whitmer And Her Third Reich Coronavirus Response

Gretchen Whitmer Third Reich Coronavirus Response
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Michigan’s Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer who Joe Biden is considering as his 2020 running mate is being blasted on social media, as #ImpeachWhitmer starts trending number one on Twitter

Michigan residents have had enough of their liberal loony toon Governor after her she announced even more draconian measures on Michigan, over fears that the coronavirus is spreading.

100PercentFedUp Reported:

I spoke with a friend the other day who told me about a police helicopter that was seen hovering over the private Red Run Golf Club in Royal Oak, MI, earlier this week. According to our source, the police were looking for members of the private club who dared to take advantage of the warm weather and get a round of golf in at the private course.

Thanks to the draconian measures of our inept governor, golfing and attending church in Michigan is currently against the law. But having an abortion or buying marijuana from a local dispensary, is not.

Governor Whitmer’s iron-fisted enforcements on MI citizens is attracting national attention.

The Michigan Conservative Coalition is planning “Operation Gridlock”

Dear Michigan citizens,

We are all concerned for those afflicted with COVID 19. Yes, many of the personal behaviors we have been reminded to use are good practices. Wash your hands. Cover your cough. Stay home if you are sick.

That said, Michiganders are 100 Percent Fed Up!

Radical MI Governor Gretchen Whitmer and her allies are infecting ALL of us with their radical, progressive agenda. There is NO reasoned and public plan to promote our overall physical and economic health!

Marijuana stores? Open. Abortion clinics? Open. Churches? Shut down. Local businesses? Going broke!

Many have asked us: “What should I do? I will go bankrupt if this continues.”

Here is the brutal truth. Calling your elected Representative, your elected Senator or even the Capitol won’t do a THING. Why? Those offices are all shut down. Plus the electeds have clearly “signaled” that they will do NOTHING to oppose this Governor’s tyranny.

To “redress our grievances,” citizens are reduced to doing one thing: TAKE ACTION IN LANSING.

People always say: “Conservatives never protest because they are too busy working.”

Well, guess what. You’re not working– so it’s time to PROTEST.

Everyone, every citizen, every business owner needs to get out of their house, out of their chair and get in their car, or truck, or anything that is legal to drive on taxpayer-funded roads. Then drive to Lansing to circle the Michigan Capitol Building at 100 N. Capitol Avenue at noon on April 15.

Come prepared for a traffic jam in Lansing!

Whitmer wants Michigan to be in gridlock. We plan to give her a gridlock in Lansing!

Gretchen Whitmer Third Reich Coronavirus Response:

Whitmer’s Even Banned The American Flag

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