Democrats Migrant Children Hypocrisy Comes Full Circle

Biden To House Migrant Children At Military Bases, Democrat Hypocrisy Comes Full Circle
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The Pentagon has approved a request to house underaged migrant children at Military Bases in Texas, and with that, the Democrat silence brings their hypocrisy full circle.

Defense spokesman John Kirby announced the move in a statement on Wednesday night, noting that the military would fulfill a request from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to “temporarily house” migrant youths at military installations.

“Today, the Department of Defense approved a request for assistance from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to temporarily house unaccompanied migrant children at a vacant dormitory at Joint Base San Antonio – Lackland, Texas and an area of land on Fort Bliss, Texas to construct suitable temporary housing facility. DoD will provide HHS officials access to these locations immediately to begin initial actions to prepare for receiving unaccompanied migrant children as soon as preparations are complete. 
This support will be on a fully-reimbursable basis, and will not negatively affect military training, operations, readiness, or other military requirements, including National Guard and Reserve readiness. HHS will maintain custody and responsibility for the well-being and support for these children at all times on the installation.”

One of the facilities set to hold the migrants children is a “vacant dormitory” at the Lackland airbase within Joint Base San Antonio, Kirby said, while the other is located on an “area of land” on Fort Bliss, both in Texas.

The move comes as the Biden administration grapples with a major influx of illegal aliens at the southern border, filling holding facilities to capacity as some 500 unaccompanied migrant children turn up every day.

More than 15,500 unaccompanied Migrant Children are currently held in US custody, divided between makeshift Customs and Border Protection facilities ill-equipped for long-term care and more substantial shelters.

Photos of the temporary holding areas recently broke through Joe Biden’s blockade imposed by his administration in their effort to hide the inhuman, overcrowded conditions.

Besides being COVID super-spreaders. Biden’s migrant children camps were so barbaric the children were forced to take turns sleeping on the floor, only allowed to shower once a week, and their ‘pods’ had no bathroom facilities or access to potable water.

The Biden administration not only barred reporters from visiting the facilities. They also gave orders to U.S. border patrol agents that they were forbidden to give media reporters ride-along’s in order to witness what was happening along the border in real-time, something that had been permissible during the Trump administration.

America’s Queen of England…Joe Biden

In a bid to address the crisis, America’s faux president Joe Biden appointed Vice President Kamala Harris to create, oversee and implement “a long-term strategy that gets at the root causes of migration”.

As one of her first tasks in that role, Harris will meet with leaders from Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras to determine ways to stem the flow of immigration.

Asked by a reporter on Tuesday whether she had any plans to visit the border, Harris laughed off the question, answering “Not today.” Biden himself also recently signaled that he has no intention to make the trip anytime soon.

Trump Using Military Bases To House Migrant Children: Hitler Running Concentration Camps

Biden Using Military Bases To House Migrant Children: Crickets

Please note: President Barack Obama used the same base to house kids in 2014, that Trump proposed using in 2019.

In late June 2019 when it was leaked that Trump’s HHS asked the Pentagon for permission to house immigrant families together on military bases the Democrats and the liberal-biased media blew a gasket.

The consensus among the mainstream media was Trump housing migrant children at military bases was both inhuman as well as going against everything that America stood for.

The DailyBeast Headline Screamed: Trump’s New Plan for Immigrants: Jail Them on Military Bases.

Of course, the DailyBeast used quotes from anonymous sources to “prove’ what racist xenophobe President Trump was for proposing using Army bases to house migrant children.

But the DailyBeast wasn’t alone using clickbait headlines.

Here are a few others from the Trump-hating media:

Democrat politician quickly joined their media allies in losing their minds over Trump’s proposal.

Sen. Bernie Sanders accused President Trump on Twitter of running what he called “racist child prisons” for sending migrant children to Army bases.

Of Course, The same media outlets, and social media users who cried Trump was the second coming of Hitler running Nazi concentration camps in 2019 are hysterically quiet in 2021?

VOX Proves The Leftist Hypocrisy Over Biden Using Military Bases To House Migrant Children.

Vox can publish a brand new relevant story just by cutting and pasting their 2019 Trump housing migrant children at Army bases hit piece.

And using ‘find and replace’ (CTRL+F) Three Words VOX would have an article they could publish RIGHT NOW.

  • Find “Republicans” replace with “Democrats”
  • Find “Obama” replace with “Trump”
  • Find “Trump” replace with “Biden”

Oklahoma Republicans Democrats hated when Obama Trump detained migrants at an Army base. They’re fine with Trump Biden doing it.

For some Oklahoma Republicans Democrats, using the Fort Sill military base to house migrant kids was objectionable when Obama Trump did it, but it’s fine now that Trump Biden wants to. In fact, they’re even blaming Obama Trump for making it “necessary.”

So where’s VOX’s hypocrisy?

Vox not only didn’t write a single word about Biden jailing kids in cages, or the inhumane conditions in which they’re being detained. Or the Biden administration, earlier this week, requesting the Pentagon to approve the use of two military bases to jail them in.

Instead, VOX published a Biden Migrant Border Crisis apologist story titled: Migrants are heading north because Central America never recovered from last year’s hurricanes

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  1. That is just great! Why have guards at the gates if you are going to house illegal so called children on base .. How easy to send in a terrorist who is fifteen years old but, has the hard core mentality of a gang member drug pusher for the cartel or someone trafficking people including children. Great move Biden, Harris and Pelosi Why not just throw up our hands and say I give up we are over run and will no longer be a sovereign country.

  2. Let have those in the demo cRat party accompany these children back from the country they came from and stay there to live out the remainder of one’s life. They don’t deserve to be living in Our Homeland, Our USA-!!! Goodbye-!!! Good Riddance-!!!


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