Joe Biden is on the verge of nominating Miguel Cardona, who presently is the education commissioner in Connecticut, to serve as secretary of the Department of Education.

Cardona isn’t well known but according to Axios who broke the story:

Cardona, who has focused on reopening schools in his home state, emerged as the president-elect leaned away from another potential candidate, Leslie Fenwick, dean emeritus at Howard University, and two teacher’s union candidates. 

Still working on trying to find out more about Miguel Cardona, but one interesting fact I have uncovered.

In fact, Cardona’s Wikipedia page was only created last week.

Until now, Cardona has spent his entire career in Meriden, Connecticut, located halfway between New Haven and Hartford.

  • Cardona taught for five years, then became the state’s youngest principal at age 28.
  • In 2012 he was named Connecticut’s National Distinguished Principal.
  • Cardona worked as co-chair of the Connecticut Legislative Achievement Gap Task Force.
  • He was also co-chair at the Connecticut Early Childhood Birth to Grade Three Leaders.

TuskerDaily’s Most Interesting Miguel Cardona Fact That We Discovered

Despite receiving a Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) from the University of Connecticut, which coincidently is the same degree as “Dr.” Jill Biden.

The media doesn’t seem to be insisting that Miguel Cardona be addressed as “Dr. Miguel Cardona”.

Strange huh?

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