Minn AG Keith Ellison Dismisses Project Vertias Ilhan Omar Video

Minnesota Attorney General Kieth Ellison, Ilhan Omar, Project Veritas Ballot Harvesting
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After the explosive Project Veritas footage exposing Rep. Ilhan Omar, and Minneapolis city council member Jamal Osman ballot harvesting election vote criminality, Minnesota’s Democrat Attorney General Keith Ellison issued a statement calling the Project Veritas report into question.

Not surprising, Ellison, a longtime liberal Muslim activist, issued a statement calling the Project Veritas report into question:

“Anyone with legitimate information about any possible violation of Minnesota elections law should present it to the proper authority, just as I would do.

Project Veritas, a highly partisan outfit with a history of running cons, founded by someone who pled guilty to a serious federal crime, is not a trustworthy source.

The timing of their allegations — within weeks of the election, and on the same day the New York Times published a carefully sourced story on the President’s failure to pay taxes — should cause all Minnesotans to be highly skeptical.”

Hysterically, Ellison has no such worries about the New York Times report he referenced?

Despite The New York Times recently running stories that were quickly debunked, that accused ‘President Trump of disparaging our U.S. Military by reportedly calling them amoung other things, ‘Losers‘.

While Ellison whole heartily believing a NYT’s article based on two anonymous sources. Incredibly he doesn’t believe video footage that shows alleged ballot harvester, and brother of Jamal Osman, Liban Mohamed, rifling through piles of unsigned, and in some cases, unopened ballots strewed across the dashboard of his car?

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Watch The Project Veritas Video Exposing Ilhan Omar’s Voter Fraud Scheme

Keith Ellison, Minnesota’s Partisan Hack Attorney General

Of course, Ellison’s snidly brushing off what he witnessed on the Project Vertitas video isn’t shocking, afterall just two-years ago, Kieth Ellison, an outspoken progressive who had served in Congress for more than a decade,  was one of the most recognizable Democrats in the nation.

As deputy chairman of the Democratic National Committee, Elisson helped rig the 2016 Democratic primaries to insure Hillary Clinton beat Bernie Sanders to win the nomination.

Ellison’s downfall came amid claims by his ex-girlfriend, Karen Monahan, that he mistreated her during their long-term relationship, which then led to exposing the Democrats #MeToo hypocrisy.

Elison was able to sidestep an ethics investigation by announcing he would not seek election in 2018, but instead make a bid to become Minnesota’s next attorney general, which, unfortunatly for the resident’s of Minnesota, he won.

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