Minnesota House Democrat Collin Peterson

Minnesota House Democrat Collin Peterson has come out against impeaching President Trump.

Of course, Democrat apologists trying to save face will claim Minnesota House Democrat Collin Peterson is just trying to save himself because Trump won his district by 31% in 2016.

Unfortunately, if the Democrats and their mainstream media cohorts listen to the video below Rep. Peterson sounds less like a person whose ‘trying to save himself‘ and more like a person who made his choice based on ‘Facts‘ rather than ‘Feelings‘.

There’s also one other important reason why Rep. Peterson isn’t blindly going along with the Democrats 3-year-long “Get Trump at any cost‘ agenda.

Unlike his fellow Minnesotan House members Ilhan Omar, and Betsy McCollum, despite the (D) next to his name, Rep. Peterson still believes that the wishes of the people who elected count for something.

Listening to Rep. Peterson stating his reasons for why he’ll be voting “No” on the Democrats Impeachment inquisition of President Trump it’s evident he understands ‘Feelings aren’t facts’:

“You had people [Pelosi, and Schiff] that had decided to impeach him and then not spent a year trying to figure out how to make a case out for it…That’s Backwards.

“…you know if you did a poll over half the people in my district think we should do foreign aid in the first place. So to convince them that holding up foreign aid is a big deal… They want to get rid of it! [laughs]

Rep. Peterson’s taking on a more serious tone added:

We have no first-hand information about what happened on that phone call, it’s all second-hand information…And the President [Trump] has not committed a crime”

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