Trump Impeachment Kill Switch

Nobody knows exactly what House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., intends to do with two articles of impeachment her party approved in its impeach-Donald-Trump agenda.

After all, after the vote for the two House impeachment articles, obstruction and abuse of power, they normally would have been sent to the Senate, where the Constitution requires a trial to be held.

Instead, she just put them in her pocket and kept them.

Apparently, she’s trying to gain influence in the Senate so that she can have her way with the trial, even though the Constitution gives her no role in that proceeding.

But no one really expects a conviction there, since that requires a two-thirds vote and there actually is a GOP majority in the Senate.

On Friday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell revealed what the Senate will be doing until – or if – Pelosi decides to part with the articles and her influence over their outcome.

You know, legislation. Confirming judges. Trade deals.

“We’re not sure the Dems thought this one all the way through,” noted Twitter social media aggregator Twitchy.


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