Despite even the Democrats being on board, Mitch McConnell shot down the House’s standalone bill that President Trump pushed for that would have sent every American a $2k COVID stimulus check.

Spineless Jellyfish Sen. Mitch McConnell, knowing that President Trump is in his final days in office, developed a semi-rigid backbone, and whined that the Senate won’t be ‘bullied’ into passing it.

Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer attempted to bring up a bill passed by Speaker Nancy Pelosi after the President pushed for an increase from the $600 checks he was forced to approve to the $2,000 amount that Trump requested.

McConnell objected to Schumer’s attempt to bring the bill up for a vote, and instead brought up his own ridiculous bill, which was far from the stand-alone bill the House sent to the Senate.

McConnell’s underhanded idiocy for all intents and purposes stopped the House legislation in its tracks.

Mitch McConnell Becomes Even More Repugnant…If That’s Even Possible

When lecturing America on why he rejected letting a vote on the $2k COVID relief bill to proceed.

McConnell had the audacity to use President Trump as his excuse, arguing the Democratic bill doesn’t meet with Trump’s request.

Along with tripling the check amount, President Trump also wants a repeal of section 230 of tech law and an investigation of election fraud – neither of which is in Pelosi’s bill but was included in the one McConnell created

As he was backstabbing the American Taxpayer, McConnell screeched:

“The Senate is not going to be bullied.

The Senate is not going to split apart the three issues Trump-linked together just because Democrats are afraid to address two of them.

The House bill pushed by Democrats ‘does not align with what President Trump has suggested.

And which has no realistic path to quickly pass the Senate.”

But while McConnell was clear Democrats’ standalone bill has no chance of passing the Senate, his combo legislation has no chance either.

The $2k COVID Stimulus clock strikes midnight on January 3.

Any legislation not passed by January 3rd is dead and the process must start from scratch on January 4th.

McConnell then turned his attention on Senator Bernie Sanders attacking him for threatening to hold up a vote to override President Donald Trump’s veto of the must-pass defense bill, which funds the Pentagon.

The House has already voted to override the veto and the Senate needs to do the same for the defense legislation to become law.

McConnell said of Sanders’ efforts.

‘Our colleague says he will slow down this vital bill unless he gets to muscle through another standalone proposal from Speaker Pelosi that would add roughly half a trillion dollars to the national debt’

Wait…NOW McConnell is worried about the deficit? Because since 2015, he sure didn’t seem too concerned about the American taxpayers footing the bill for Washington’s overspending.

Sanders vowed not to let the Senate vote on the veto override until it addresses the stimulus checks.

Sanders also took to the Senate floor to plead for passage of the standalone House bill for the $2,000 stimulus check. Standing before a poster featuring President Trump’s tweet from Wednesday morning – ‘$2,000 ASAP!’

Sanders went so far as to say: ‘On this issue, amazingly enough, the president of the United States is right.’

He also went after McConnell, pointing out the high poverty numbers in his home state of Kentucky”

‘Let me just make it clear for the majority leader, that 10 out of the poorest 25 counties in the United States of America are located in Kentucky. So maybe my colleague, the majority leader, might want to get on the phone and start talking to working families in Kentucky and find out how they feel about the need for immediate help in terms of a $2,000 check,‘ 



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