Mob Cries Gal Gadot ‘You Ain’t Black’ After She Tapped To Portray Cleopatra Who Wasn’t Black Either

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After Gal Gadot confirmed that she will star as Cleopatra, the liberal’s social media mob showed just how quickly they’ll turn on you, no matter how ‘woke‘ you’re, or how many leftist songs you sing.

It is a role that until now has belonged to the legendary Elizabeth Taylor, but on Sunday, Gal Gadot, 35, confirmed that she will star as Cleopatra in a new movie to be directed by her Wonder Woman ‘woke‘ director Patty Jenkins.

Gal Gadot posted on her Instagram, and Twitter accounts that ‘Cleopatra is a story I wanted to tell for a very long time. Can’t be more excited and grateful,’ the Israeli actress gushed:

The Mob Tells Gal Gadot ‘You Ain’t Black!’ So You Can’t Portray Cleopatra

Outraged that Gal Gadot would be playing Cleopatra, the uneducated liberal mob attacked her for being white and who has the audacity to play a black person.

But as we’ve come to know and love the liberal social media mob they care little for facts or looking like hypocrites when it comes time to spew their feelings.

Despite historians having long ago proven that Cleopatra’s heritage was greek and not African, the mob didn’t let a little thing like facts slow them down.

Amazingly, while the leftist seems to pounce the moment a white person is tapped to play a supposed person of color.

Hypocrite liberals never seem to have a problem when the roles are reversed. Such as when Lin-Manuel Miranda, a Puerto Rican, portrayed as white as you get Alexander Hamilton.

The liberal mob never letting facts get in the way of their fiction

The real-life Cleopatra ruled Egypt for three decades, first with her father, then with her two younger brothers, and finally with her son, reputed to have been fathered by Julius Caesar.

While Cleopatra was born in Egypt, historians traced her family origins to Macedonian Greece and Ptolemy I Soter, one of Alexander the Great’s generals.

Ptolemy took the reigns of Egypt after Alexander’s death in 323 B.C., and he launched a dynasty of Greek-speaking rulers that lasted for nearly three centuries.

In other words, Cleopatra wasn’t black, she was Greek.

Of course, while there are no pictures of Cleopatra, there are statues, coins, and drawings that were completed during the time she ruled over Egypt which captures how she most likely looked appeared.

And while they’ll never come close to an actual photograph, these works did capture her features.

For example, this Roman sculpture of the Egyptian queen which currently resides in Berlin’s Altes Museum, for which historians claimed was carved at the time Cleopatra was visiting Rome.

As you can see, her features are far closer to that of a Grecian, than that of a person of color.

The Berlin Cleopatra, a Roman sculpture and marble portrait of the queen in the Altes Museum, 1st century BC [24]
The Berlin Cleopatra, a Roman sculpture and marble portrait of the queen in the Altes Museum, 1st century BC [24]
Taking it a step further, using such items as coins, statues, and drawings, and her ancestry, facial reconstructionist recreated what they believe is a close approximation to how Cleopatra actually appeared.

What did Cleopatra look like
Reconstruction by John Mendez

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