Monica Lewinsky Dumps on Trump’s Coronavirus Response

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Monica Lewinsky, the former White House intern, whose life climaxed in 1997 when she and then-President Bill Clinton decided to rename the Oval Office into something a little more X-rated, made a little news on Twitter recently.  

Ironically, Lewinsky, who lent a helping hand that led to the impeachment of Bill Clinton, doesn’t approve of President Donald Trump’s handling of the Coronavirus crisis.

Having returned from one last dry-cleaning run before her coronavirus lock-down, Monica made it known that she was upset with Donald Trump and wasn’t going to take the President’s actions lying down.

I do hope Monica’s displeasure with President Trump doesn’t have anything to do with his Stimulus bill?

Because if the stimulus wasn’t exciting enough for her, then she needs to vent her anger towards Nancy Pelosi whose truly responsible for it being less impressive than she had hoped.

Whatever drove Monica’s displeasure with President Trump Coronavirus response.

The anti-bullying, #MeToo, Climax…Dammit…Climate activist showed once and for all that despite her exorbitant dry-cleaning bills of 1997, she’s was and always will be a true blue delusional Democrat.

Wearing her best snarky blue dress, Monica Lewinsky gave her 750,000 Twitter followers an idea for sharing her disapproval.

And one could say Monica Lewinsky pull her latest Trump-Hate ‘Resist’ idea “right out her ass,” after she tweeted: 

“They’ve now decided they will test EVERYONE for the COVID-19 Virus. Please send a stool sample to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500,”

Who’d a thunk it?

Monica Lewinsky has me, a die-hard Conservative, now hoping Bill Clinton can drag his lifeless corpse out of that sarcophagus Hillary stuffed him in, one last time because he’s proven in the past to have the ability to get Monica Lewinsky to shut-up.

Well, at least for a few minutes anyway

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