America needs to not only stop listening to those who want to turn ‘mothers’ into ‘birthing persons’ we must call them out on their idiocy at every opportunity.

It’s amazing that for the past year we’ve been hearing “It’s all about the science.” I assume the leftists forgot to add “Only when it fits our agenda” because they sure are pushing their idiocy about a man can have a baby.

Despite the left’s update in politically correct “Happy Birthing People’s Day” terminology,.

Judging by the results it appears America is quite satisfied with sticking to the traditional “Happy Mother’s Day” greeting.

Birthing Person

The phrase “birthing person” is becoming commonplace among those on the far left, with “Squad” member Rep. Cori Bush testifying in front of the House Committee on Oversight and Reform this week about her experience as a “birthing person” for a bill hysterically named the “MOMMIES Act.

The left’s delusional shift in language is so new that even their radical left pro-abortion organization NARAL is now proclaiming that it’s the “inclusive” thing to do to refer to a woman as a “birthing person.”

Of course, the word “Mother” would also do.

NARAL Hypocrisy 

Outside of their woke media cohorts, NARAL proved why no one really takes the far left seriously.

Beyond the fact that it’s pretty damn hypocritical for an organization built on advocating for the murder of children for the crime of not having been born yet. To spend weeks pushing their idiocy about “Happy Birthing Day.”

But when Mother’s Day finally does arrive, guess what NARAL tweeted?


  1. What the hell is America coming to with theses crazy leftest running around. we can’t even call our son a boy or a male,My question is who is making up this crazy stuff anyway, It’s best to just ignore it

  2. you are correct.

    Pregnant Units are just Units with big bellies.

    And the units that preach that are just units.

    There is no RIGHT TO VOTE for units.


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