MSNBC contributor Malcolm Nance, pretty much summed up the state of the mainstream news media in 2021. When he suggested that Donald Trump Jr. tweeting a parody video of his father using a golf ball to make Joe Biden fall on the steps to Air Force One “mainstreams the potential for danger.”

Following Biden’s already infamous falling spell on the steps to Air Force One this week.

A parody video quickly went viral humorously showing former President Donald Trump to be the culprit behind Biden’s bumbling and stumbling up Air Force One’s stairs after clueless Joe gets hit on the noggin by Trump’s errant golf ball.

Like TuskerDaily’s Mr. Met Takes Out Joe Biden with a T-shirt Cannon. Donald Trump Jr. was one of the thousands on social media to create and/or share a parody video or photoshopped meme of Joe Biden faceplanting on Air Force One’s slip-n-slide stairs.

Of course, the number of mentally-challenged people like Malcolm Nance who believe this could somehow have real-life consequences for President Biden remains in the single-digits.

Trump’s Living Rent Free In the TDS Head of Malcome Nance

Appearing on the ‘Dean Obeidallah Show,’ author and MSNBC analyst Malcolm Nance – who has claimed Trump is an “asset” of Russia and even suggested that the terrorist group ISIS suicide bomb a Trump property in Istanbul – hinted the sharing of the video increases the chance of potential violence.

“It’s dangerous because what he does is he makes light of the potential of injuring people,” Nance said, going on to claim he regularly monitors the public communications of “right-wing extremists” and predicting how they could be responding to the short clip.

Malcolm Nance went on to say:

“Some of the forums that are prevalent are gun forums, and let me tell you, you want to see some seething hotbeds of violence, you know, potential violence, and some of these people have long-range shooting skills.

And this is the sort of thing that they would, you know, they would see that video and it would turn into a discussion of whether they use a 338 Lapua [long range rifle] or whether they use 50 caliber BMG to get that shot, right?”

He added Trump Jr. is “joking about murder” – despite the parody video showing Biden just falling, then getting up.

Nevertheless, Nance maintains the video “mainstreams the potential for violence.”

Malcolm Nance previously testified this year before the House Judiciary Committee about right-wing extremism and domestic terrorism, despite having a history of pushing conspiracy theories – like Trump directly working with Russia to influence the 2016 presidential election – as well as blatant falsehoods, such as claiming former Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein had a show on RT, which she never did.

The Left Can’t Meme!

The left has no sense of humor, and if they do attack a hilarious parody video or humorous image. Then the creator should take it as a compliment since, obviously, the left can’t meme in response.

Needless to say, since the laugh-out-loud Trump golf shot parody was hilarious, the left had little choice but to pounce.

Trump Jr. has already been pushing back against these mainstream media mental midgets, blasting supposed news outlets for laughably labeling the video “as edited” despite, the other 99.9% of the world easily making that assumption.

For example, Donald Trump Jr. “sarcastically” shot back at the Hill’s Breaking News Headline that they published on Saturday:

Trump Jr. shares edited video showing father knocking Biden down with golf ball.

“Wait you’re telling me this is edited??? I’m sorry, I had no idea I was spreading this kind of gross disinformation,”

Please Note: I wrote “sarcastically” just in case any of the 0.01% happened to be reading this article.


  1. The left gets more stupid every day. As their terrorists ANTIFA and BLM #BurnLootMurder continues to rage, roar, and destroy, they act like they have a right to make believe whatever they want to, against peaceful Christians in America. The Left loonies, and fools are only deceiving themselfs.
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  2. What a dunce!!!! It’s simple comedy, Nance!!! But you probably are one of those who believe that Road Runner, Bugs Bunny, etc cartoons are harmful to the minds of today’s children, aren’t you!!

  3. malcom nance is a pathetic low I.Q msnbc idiot i think the meme is absolutely hilarious oh and i read where they are just praising idiot joe as he was able to read a screen with everything wrote out for a whole ten minutes wow give the idiot a reward what a jack azzzzz

  4. Where was this moron when the hundreds of parodies of democrats killing Trump and cutting his head off and all their other psycho drivel were doing that crap daily. Crickets that`s where.

  5. Do you mean it really wasn’t the wind that blew Biden over? It was his own team that said it was the wind .

    Now I don’t know who to believe! Joe’s own team of liars or my lying eyes? This are just so complicated since 2021.

    Does anyone else long for good old 2020? OK How about 2019! Now those were the days.

  6. Wait. What? Democrats spewing Trump assassination SAY IT AIN’T SO LOL My Lord, The New York Times Even published “Trump Assassination Fantasies” In their Sunday Magazine

  7. Well to be fair, when they said “wind” they could have meant the air rushing out of Clueless Joes head

  8. What about the vile Kathy Griffen holding a makeshift decapitated head of President Trump?

    Or when a Jonestown, CO teacher who allegedly allowed students to hit a piñata with President Donald Trump’s face on it.

    Or when Payal Modi, an art teacher at Adamson High School in Dallas appears to show her shooting a water gun at an image of President Donald Trump and shouting “die!”

    Or ‘I hope Trump is assassinated’: A Missouri lawmaker faces mounting calls to resign after Facebook comment

    And these were just some of the vile things calling for the assassination of President Trump that I could find. There are many others. And so I would like to ask Malcom Nance…” Where were you when these things were happening to President Trump???” All I heard was crickets. So Malcom Nance and all you other Liberals, give me a BIG FAT BREAK.

  9. Where was this guy when Kathy Griffin was holding a severed, bleeding Trump head? Oh, That’s right! That was covered by her 1st Amendment rights. Hypocrite.


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