MSNBC Morning Joe resident Dominatrix Mika Brzezinski and Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson got together to spew some of their Hate-America idiocy and to celebrate Robinson’s latest WaPo imbecilic op-ed: The United States is a country to be pitied.

Robinson argued that only a handful of nations on Earth have arguably done a worse job of handling the coronavirus pandemic than the United States.

Of course, he doesn’t tell Mika. But he does mention South Korea in his op-ed. But I’m sure he would also place China, Iran, and North Korea in the ‘winners’ column.

To show you just how moronic the liberal left has become, here’s a passage from Robinson’s Trump-Hate rubbish:

Mexico’s reported death rate from COVID-19 is a small fraction of ours (though the numbers may be higher than the official count). In the border town of Nogales, Mexican authorities are using a disinfectant spray to sanitize visitors arriving from Arizona.

Wait. What? 

Eugene Robinson thinks it’s perfectly OK if President Trump announced: 

“We’re gonna spray all those Mexicans with disinfectant when they cross the border.”

Hey Morning Joe Morons…BWAHAHAHAHA!

DisinfectantDisinfectant? OMG, I can’t imagine how many tons of Bounty ‘the quicker picker upper‘ we would need to clean up the mess from all those liberal heads exploding if Donald Trump ever utters this little bit of disinfectant insanity.

What is even more amazing, is where Eugene Robinson happened to get his sourcing from. The paragraph link to Al Jazeera, and the far-left website, The Guardian, which is where AOC got her imbecilic ‘The World Has Only 12-Years Left‘ climate change claptrap.

Robinson went on the denounce the Wisconsin Supreme Court for the court’s repugnant decision to adhere to the United States Constitution.

Robinson spewed:

The Wisconsin Supreme Court invalidated Gov. Tony Evers’s (D) extension of his stay-at-home order. By evening, bars in some Wisconsin cities were packed — no social distancing, no masks. 

My Lord, Americans going to a bar after being forced to stay inside their homes. After Wisconsin’s power-mad Democratic tyrannical governor threatened to arrest anyone who had the audacity to disobey his unconstitutional order? How Dare They! 

While Robinson was throwing his pity party for America. Mika just couldn’t contain sorrow any longer. Showing how a true professional unbiased journalist she is. Each time Robinson stated something about Trump, or how the United States has let the world down.She loudly sighed her ‘I Hate Being an American’ mournful breath into her mic for all the viewers to hear.

Dare I say, it was almost as if Mika wanted to let all her loony toon liberal viewers know. that she felt their pain. 

And also that poor Mika and her henpecked husband, Joe, souls ached that their messiah Barack Obama wasn’t able to pull off the coup that would have to save our pitiful nation from having to go through its now three-year-long ‘Orange Man Bad’ nightmare.

Mika finished the segment by saying world leaders know Donald Trump is a joke… An International Global Joke!


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