MSNBC Nicolle Wallace Interrupts Coronavirus Briefing To Spew Trump Hatred

Nicolle Wallace MSNBC Trump Coronavirus
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MSNBC’s number one daytime Trump deranged host Nicolle Wallace interrupted Saturday’s White House Coronavirus Task Force daily briefing and, predictably, ripped President Trump.

Wallace, along with her two like-minded TDS guests Kimberly Atkins and Steve Schmidt, not once, but twice interrupted MSNBC’s coverage of the White House Coronation briefing to lambaste President Trump.

In Schmidt’s case, he blabbered that Trump was “completely over his head,” “incoherent,” “mentally….unraveling,” and “rambling.”

After the President’s opening remarks (which included a brutal scolding of the liberal media), Wallace skipped FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn’s remarks to kvetch to Atkins that, along with warning that this coming week would be dreadful, Trump said a lot of other stuff, too, some of it nonsensical.”

Nicolle Wallace and her dynamic duo of Democrats dimwits

Via NewsBusters

Have You Noticed?

During the Coronavirus crisis do these fake news media hosts, who many are now doing their shows from home, believe that self-quarantine means they’re no longer allowed to wear make-up or dress appropriately?

Or do these reporters somehow think viewers will see them looking all dishevel and throw them a pity-party for the ‘don’t bother me with facts’ life they have?

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