MSNBC Ali Velshi and CNBC John Harwood

With all the economic indicators looking strong heading into 2020, conventional wisdom holds that this is good news for President Trump…But not at MSNBC.

Since the Donald Trump is a Republican, MSNBC Live host Ali Velshi and CNBC’s John Harwood declared that all is not well and implied that the current economic situation could give credence to Democratic policy priorities and help Democratic presidential candidates who are dramatically to the left.

Velshi told Harwood “all of the top line numbers look good, right?

I mean 20 years ago if we said we would have an employment rate below 5 percent, we would have been quite pleased with that. To be 3.5 percent, you would think everybody could go up to their boss, say I am walking out if you don’t increase my salary in a meaningful way. We still have minimum wage of $7.25 in some parts of the country, the federal minimum wage.

At $15 an hour, you earn $30,000 a year. We’ve got the situation where there are riches abound, and we talk about them a lot and people don’t feel like it is being distributed to them in a fair way.”

Harwood, who recently declared the Republican Party to be “fundamentally broken,” ignored all the good news and claimed that the current state of the economy could be good news for those who wish to see liberal policies implemented, “And that’s why Democrats have been focusing on longer term solutions built around infrastructure spending to increase productivity.

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