MSNBC Morning Joe, Donny Deutsch, Joe Scarborough

Donny Deutsch continued the fake news freakout over President Trump’s Fox News town hall on Sunday night at the Lincoln Memorial.

On MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Donny Deutsch told Joe Scarborough that Trump’s a “cornered animal” and warned he will do “really, really, really bizarre things.” 

He didn’t explain what that would be, but he’s sure it’s coming because…REASONS!

Donny Dunce brushed off his same old tired spiel, referring to President Trump as “impotent,” a “little man,” and “scared and pathetic.”

Of course, Donny Deutsch spewed the same exact idiocy during the…

  • Russia Investigation.
  • During his bloviating that Trump will fire Bob Mueller because the ‘walls were closing in on him’.
  • The day before the Mueller report was to be released.
  • Before Michael Cohen testified.
  • Before Mueller testified.
  • After the Democrats Quid Pro Quo phone call, but before President Trump released the transcript.
  • During the House Impeachment Clown Show Trial.
  • During The Senate Impeachment Trial

In the video, Donny Deutsch also regurgitated the latest Democrat/Fake News nonsense about President Trump saying he has been treated worse than Abraham Lincoln.

Of course, Deutsch-Bag left out the part that President Trump was comparing himself to Lincoln’s unfair “MEDIA COVERAGE“.

Hysterically, while Joe Scarborough sat there smirking, I guess the egregious moron  forgot all about his once comparing Pete Buttigieg To George Washington.

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