Nancy Pelosi Calls Trump Morbidly Obese

Nancy Pelosi Trump Morbidly Obese, Anderson Cooper AC360
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I guess Stuttering Alcoholic Nancy Pelosi calling President Trump ‘Morbidly Obese’ means she now thinks ‘Fat shaming is cool now?’

I can’t wait to hear her thoughts on Carbzilla Stacey Abrams and salad dodger Jerry Nadler.

Should anyone be surprised that not one ‘woke‘ liberal-progressive called Nancy Pelosi out over her Fat-Shaming someone?

Not after the way the Democrats recently kicked the #MeToo, #BelieveAllWomen movement to the curb.

On CNN with Anderson Cooper, the Stuttering Alcoholic House Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, who regurgitates ad nauseam that people should “trust the doctors.”

Once again, Pelosi pretended she’s a doctor while she was throwing shade President Trump’s way.

In between getting her hourly Botox injections, 108-year-old Nancy Pelosi put down her wine bottle long enough to make an appearance on ‘AC360’ to whine that President Trump shouldn’t be taking hydroxychloroquine because he’s old and “Morbidly Obese”.


Morbidly Obese Fat Shaming Is Cool!

After President Trump said that he was taking hydroxychloroquine as a prophylaxis against coronavirus. And with Nancy Pelosi having given her blessing.

The fake news media with their Democrat dimwitted pundits in tow proceeded to have themselves a full-blown Fat-Shaming meltdown.

Of course, the media also started pushing their narrative that Donald Trump was somehow self-medicating.

President Trump’s White House physician released a statement in hopes of squashing all the media conjecture floating around.

Umm Yea, good luck with that one Doc.

CNN’s Infamous Unmasker Kaitlan Collins posted Dr. Sean Conley, DO. letter endorsing his hydroxychloroquine treatment.

And please don’t get me started on the Democrats crying that he’s a DO. They spewed that ‘Why isn’t Trump’s physician a Dr.?‘ idiocy a few weeks back.

“After numerous discussions he and I had regarding the evidence for and against the use of hydroxychloroquine, we concluded the potential benefit from treatment outweighed the relative risks.”

Of course, the Democrats, and fake news media howled that this loosely worded memo left room for interpretation. So interpret they did.

Paging Dr. Cavuto

One of the direst warnings came from a surprising source. Fox News host Dr. Neil Cavuto, threw his little bit of stupidity into the pot, suggesting on-air that the drug could “kill” Trump.

Dr. Cavuto’s diagnoses prompted an angrier rebuke from social media, and from the commander-in-chief himself, saying that he is now “looking for a new outlet.”


One would think that if these #NeverTrumpers really believed hydroxychloroquine would finally rid them of their ‘Orange Man Bad’ nightmare.

They would be suggesting Trump double up on his meds?

But, of course, they simply don’t have the mental capacities to formulate a strategy. Which is why they always come off looking like mental midgets.

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