Nancy Pelosi: Cancel Presidential Debates, Trump Stalked Hillary in 2016

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Once again America’s stuttering alcoholic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi mistakes what she did, and who she is while screeching her Trump-Hate idiocy at her weekly press conference.

Pelosi started off by crying that there should be no debates between President Donald Trump, and Joe Biden.

Pelosi laughably rattled off a list of reasons why, but she must be truly intoxicated if she’s deluding herself into believing that America is buying her, and the Democrats stupidity.

Nancy, America Isn’t Buying Your Idiocy or Another Round

Despite Nancy Pelosi, and CNN’s mental midget liberal logic reasonings to cancel the 2020 Presidential debates.

America already knows why Pelosi and the Democrats are so desperate to see the debates ended.

The left is scared that their presidential nominee cellar-dweller will emerge from his basement on debate night looking every bit the 78-year-old Dementia patient that he is.

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