What makes Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats reprehensible behavior even more revolting was the fact that just a few hours before Sen. Cory Booker was crying in the Senate about how the evil Republicans are destroying America with their partisan politics.


Remember last year when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi did her infamous seal clap at President Trump… Payback’s a bitch!

Right before President Trump delivered the State of the Union speech, he handed Vice President Pence and Dem Leader Pelosi, a copy of the speech, and quickly turned away leaving the stuttering alcoholic House Speaker hanging.



Nancy Detoxing?

Watching Pelosi spend the entire State of the Union speech moving her mouth, shuffling papers, looking up, down and sideways, and even talking to herself.

One had to wonder was the stuttering alcoholic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi having a brain seizure or simply detoxing from going over two hours without a drink?

And for God’s sake couldn’t anyone in the Democratic party buy Nancy a tube of extra strength Poligrip for Christmas?

The moment President Trump’s State of the Union speech had concluded, Nancy Pelosi certainly handled it all very well.

Wait. She actually didn’t?


When Nancy Pelosi Doesn’t See Chicken Nuggets On The Happy Hour Menu


Who Acted More Like An Adult?


The Democrats are so filled with Trump hatred, numerous Democrats could not bear to celebrate a fourth-grade black girl who received a scholarship on Tuesday night from President Donald Trump during the State of the Union Address.

Nancy Pelosi looked away while the Democrats remain seated as President Trump awarded an opportunity for a better life scholarship to Philadelphia fourth-grader Janiyah Davis, as her mother, Stephanie, looked on beaming as only a parent could.


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